Master Criminal Alert: Man used welfare card before store robbery


Police say Javonte A. Williams used his state welfare card to buy food moments before robbing a 7-Eleven customer in Kent. They identified him through surveillance video and his welfare card record. (DOC)
A repeat felon who police said robbed a 7-Eleven was easy to identify – because he used his state welfare card to buy foodbefore he robbed the customer next to him.

Police said the robbery happened at the 7-Eleven at 23847 108th Ave. S.E. in Kent. Surveillance video shows Javonte A. Williams making purchases with his EBT card, which is issued by the State Department of Social and Health Services.

"While waiting at the cash register, the suspect places his purchases items into his pockets," Kent police detective Brendan Wales wrote in a probable cause document. "He then reaches over and grabs the cash in (the other customer's) hands, while she was waiting in line at the counter."

The victim was leaning against the counter with $1,520 cash she wanted to use for a money order.

Police received a search warrant to get the name of the welfare card used immediately before the theft, and that showed it belonged to Williams, 22. He remains on supervision with the Department of Corrections.

Investigators contacted his community corrections officer who provided his address. At his apartment, police reported finding Williams' welfare card and the clothes he was believed to have been wearing during the robbery.

Williams has a lengthy felony history that includes six residential burglary convictions, drugs, vehicle theft, criminal trespass and three domestic violence assault convictions.

Williams' arraignment, where he's expected to enter a plea, is scheduled for June 24.

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1) Who the fuck brings $1500 in cash to a 7-Eleven to buy a money order? That kind of stupidity almost deserves being robbed.

2) How many felonies does it take in Washington to get kicked off of food stamps?

3) Since when do they have ******s in Washington?


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1) Who the fuck brings $1500 in cash to a 7-Eleven to buy a money order? That kind of stupidity almost deserves being robbed.
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