Master Criminal Steals Car... In front of a Police Officer, News Camera

Dec 8, 2004
Video goodness....

RALEIGH -- Raleigh police say the man caught on tape, stealing a car at a crime scene, was arrested with the car in Virginia.

Eyewitness News crews were at the scene of a multiple stabbing on Millbrook Road in Raleigh Monday when a second crime happened in front of the police officers at the scene.

A woman stepped out of her 2004 Honda Accord to talk to an officer about the crime. While her back is turned, a man in a black cap carrying a big stick walked past her and jumped into her car.

The officer banged on the hood - to try to get the man to stop, but he got away.

Early Tuesday morning, police arrested Anthony William, 38, in New Kent County, Virginia. Raleigh Police say he is the man that stole the vehicle at the crime scene. The car was recovered at the time of his arrest. Williams has been charged with larceny-of-motor-vehicle case.

Mug shot of said master criminal...



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Feb 13, 2006
right behind you
looky here, someone left the keys in a car, nevermind the officer and news cameras. i bet i will get away scot free.
dumb sparkling wiggle


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Aug 26, 2002
Ronkonkoma, Long Island
That must be a wonderful neighborhood. First there's a multiple stabbing, and then while the cops are standing around, a guy just wanders in and swipes a car without thinking twice about it.