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Divinyls singer Chrissy Amphlett dies

Australian rock legend Chrissy Amphlett, best known as the singer of the Divinyls, has died in New York aged 53.
The charismatic frontwoman was surrounded by family and friends at her home when she died on Monday morning.
Her husband of 14 years, former Divinyls drummer Charley Drayton, says Amphlett died of breast cancer and multiple sclerosis.
In a statement released by ARIA, he added she had fought the diseases with "exceptional bravery and dignity".
"Chrissy's light burns so very brightly. Hers was a life of passion and creativity; she always lived it to the fullest," the statement said.
"With her force of character and vocal strength she paved the way for strong, sexy, outspoken women."



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I know first-hand a lot of people who beat single sclerosis but that multiple sclerosis is a bitch.


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going back to JJO thread. I'm not a quitter.


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