Mav You Poor Thing


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God You are so lucky Lady Di Gave you a shout out...whoo hooo :D
Luv ya Babes ;)


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i would have not take that shout out
:D :D

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Would you say the same thing if she gave you the shout out??? :eek: :p ;)


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Everytime she asks me I say no it is ok no need to say my name its cool no biggie..


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I hate me. I am no longer allowed to be proud of myself. For I am now stuck in a constant cringe. The worst part is as the drunken alkie that I am, I actually asked her. Wow did I regret that when I heard it. Thank God they cut her off right away. It's too bad you noticed. Lady Di do me and everyone else a favor that you either ask, or they ask you, DON'T DO IT. I don't know what I was thinking.

It was kind of like this:

Hey, I'm gonna go vote for Jesse Jackson. I just voted for Jesse Jackson. Next morning:He fucking won? By one vote? :(