McGreevey has hired clowns, face painters and ponies


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Jan 26, 2005
Nov. 29, 2007
A Union County judge has ruled the daughter of former Gov. James E. McGreevey and Dina Matos McGreevey may attend the elaborate 6th birthday party her father is planning.

The former governor hired clowns, face painters and ponies to entertain at the bash for Jacqueline this weekend at his home in Plainfield. But his estranged wife refused to let her attend, saying the child was to scheduled to remain with her mother this weekend.

The couple refused to compromise. So Superior Court Judge Karen Cassidy stepped in and ruled that Jacqueline could attend - provided the former governor brought her home immediately after the party.

Matos McGreevey agreed to the plan, and the judge scolded the couple, saying their anger was interfering with their parenting.

"The hatred they have for each other overrides everything, including their child," Cassidy said.

Matos McGreevey claimed she was unaware of the party until two weeks ago. The judge said perhaps Jacqueline was afraid to tell her.

"Maybe she is at the point where she is so hurt, so confused, so upset that she is not talking to you anymore. She knows exactly what is going on," Cassidy said.

The former governor said Matos McGreevey has know of the party for a month.

"This divorce has been difficult," he said. "I wish Dina well. I wish her happiness."

Matos McGreevey blamed the party debacle squarely on the former governor.

"What led up to this is him not following the rules," she said.

The McGreeveys married in 2000 but separated in 2004 after McGreevey announced that he is gay and that he engaged in a homosexual affair.

McGreevey filed for divorce in February, and he and Matos McGreevey have since bickered over money, custody, transportation and other issues. The divorce case is expected to go to trial next spring.

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You can't really blame his ex-wife for hammering the shit out of him as hard as she can...

But, putting the kid in the middle is wrong. This poor kid is going to have to deal with alot of shit because her father spent his time at gloryholes in pursuit of the cock.