McGreevey wants psychologists to study relationship between him, wife, daughter


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In an attempt to get more time with his daughter, former Gov. James E. McGreevey wants two psychologists he hired for his divorce proceedings to study the relationship between him and his estranged wife and how that relates to their child, according to recently filed court papers.

McGreevey asked that one of the experts, author and psychologist David Brodzinsky, begin observing and talking to 6-year-old Jacqueline this weekend.

But at a hearing in Union county this afternoon, Superior Court Judge Karen Cassidy barred any such action until she decides whether she will even allow the experts to become part of the divorce case.

The issue surfaced Tuesday when McGreevey filed papers claiming a third psychologist, appointed by the court, believes his daughter would be better off if she spent more time with him.

McGreevey, who now gets to see his daughter on Wednesday nights and every other weekend, wants his time with Jacqueline to increase to 50 percent.

The best way for the court to figure out what is in Jacqueline's best interest is to examine the entire family, McGreevey argued in the court papers.

His estranged wife, Dina Matos McGreevey, has refused, saying the time had passed in their bitter divorce battle to hire experts.

The couple's relationship has been rancorous since McGreevey filed for divorce nearly a year ago. Matos McGreevey wants Jacqueline to live with her. She also wants alimony and for McGreevey to pay her damages because, she claims, he tricked her into a marriage for political gain when he knew he was gay.

McGreevey has countered that there was no fraud and that Matos McGreevey knew his sexual orientation when they married in 2000. McGreevey had to give up his position as governor in August 2004 when it came to light that he was involved in a gay affair with an aide.

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This is the only case that comes to mind where I enjoy watching the ex-wife rake the dude over the coals.

I hope she keeps it up.


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What's to study? Wife hates him because he suckered her for his own political gain to keep up his 'straight' appearance via marriage. Daughter hates him because he broke up the family, and will only hate him more as she grows up and is mocked for having a cocksucker for a dad.

Seems cut and dry there.


What a sniveling weaselly asscave Jim has become since coming "out." Hope he gets ass ***** by the court for being such an asshole. It's all about him. :puke:


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I can hear the "shrinks" now: "Jacqueline, how do you feel about Daddy's liking manass more than Mommy's snatch?" LOL This outta be a "hoot".


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While I couldn't care less about the visitation, Dina has been unreasonable in her demands as far as finances go. I forgot what the numbers were, but she wants something like five times his annual salary in child support and alimony. I don't give a fuck who he is or what he did, but how does any wife get off asking for more than the husband is worth?