Am I the only one or is anyone else annoyed by Melissa ? She was fine as long as I didnt have to hear her, but these Sex and the City updates are gonna make me puke!!!! She might be hot( I think theres something MONGOLIK (spanish slang for RETARDED)about that face, maybe its the MAKE UP) but this bitch's delivery is UNFUCKINGBEARABLE ! Pontoons are her talent. Besides, she doesnt tell you one useful thing in those 'updates' and they make me not want to see that annoying fucking show ever again and I cant see the pontoons on the radio.
Well i dont expect her to have a broadcast career and i dont even check out her sex and the city updates cause i could careless about that show. She is a hot piece of ass and what i would do if she was on tv and was annoying would be mute the sound and just look at her. Kinda like putting a bag over the head of a bitch with a nice body but fucked up face while you bang them. LOL


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where is she any way?
Well I met her at a bar. I sung sweet nothings into her ear such as: "Boom, boom, boom, let's go back to my room. So we can do it all night and we can make it feel right". So she followed me home and now she is in my basement with Zed. Oh Zed's dead baby.
How could she be in your basement right now if she is on her knees under my desk at work right now.


I speak the human language
She snuck out of my basement. Good luck. She sucks a good one. It just so happens that Zed wasn't dead after all. He just had his package blown off. He let her out. So enjoy her.

:::::::This message is fiction. It is not at all based on the truth. Actually it is as real as Alf, My pet monster, and Superman put together. If it were a true event, there is no way anyone would leave Melissa alone long enough for her to escape. For she is a hotty with big cans and a slammin' ass. By the way Marijauna is the bomb::::::::

OK TERRIFIC This is what goes through people's brains on a lunch hour. :D
Yes what goes through my mind all day here at work is how i want to grab every filthy fucking whore here and bang there brains out ontop of my desk.


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where the hell is she any way, have not heared her on the radio in a long tome :D


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She is in Philly doing stuff for the boys over there.
I'm sure she is missed.