Men jailed for two years after burning man's genitals with hair straightening iron


Christopher Lilley

Richard Johnson

Two British men were sentenced this week to two years in prison after they admitted burning a man's genitals – with a hair straightening iron.
Christopher Lilley and Richard Johnson admitted they pushed Antony Dabbs, 18, onto a bed and put the straightening iron on his private parts during a meeting over drug debts, London's The Daily Mail reported.

"Whilst it might've lasted only moments, the application of the straighteners was sufficient to cause full thickness burns to the penis," Judge Susan Grocott said, according to the newspaper.

The incident occurred last March when the men sent a taxi to pick up Dabbs so he could pay a 200-pound debt after they sold him mephedrone, a dangerous stimulant known as "bath salts." When he arrived, they attacked him, leaving a 2 cm by 5 cm-wide burn.

"He felt a burning pain for a minute, but then the pain went and he didn't feel anything," prosecutors said.

The attack only ceased when three girls ran into the room and exclaimed "you're sick!" according to the paper.

Dabbs said he had post traumatic stress disorder following the attack and his family moved out of the area because they were worried about repercussions.

"Antony says he suffered months of embarrassment, indignity and pain because of the injury," the prosecutor added.