Mencia the Copying Machine?


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Aug 7, 2005
Norristown PA
damn just read that articl and was going to post it.
that being said, the writer, makes some good points.
and it looks like Carlos is beating Joe at this point.


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Mar 12, 2005
interesting that of all the alleged ripoffs they mentioned, the cosby one was left out- which probably the most blatant theft of them all (the athletes saying hi mom to tv cameras) and most easily proven with youtube clips. it was a pro mencia article. rogans hasnt risen to huge mainstream comedy but his popularity has gone up as well in the past few years, which his place in the UFC has obviously been a big part of that.


"Mencia comes forward as an amiable schlub, a bashful, hesitant man unwillingly speaking up for the silent majority."

He obviously hasn't seen his act and/or show...

Ari Shaffir

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Dec 4, 2006
That article was terrible. I'm going to list all the sentences I found wrong:

For the most part, stand-up comedians are a happy breed.
Wrong. Where did he even get that?

Because they laugh a lot, they tend to live longer than the rest of us (outside of the odd car crash or drug overdose).
What are you talking about? I think it might be the opposite if there's any difference at all to the rest of the population.

Because comedy is harder than it seems, most experienced comedians form forgiving alliances with one another, like battle-scarred D-Day veterans who speak a language outsiders can't understand.
Wrong. Most comics hate most comics. We constantly talk shit about each other.

Yes, comedy grudges are few and far between.
Again, wrong.

Rogan is the stand-up comic who got his TV start as the handyman on "NewsRadio"...
Wrong. Hardball.

...and joined Rogan on stage for a "debate."
Wrong. Mencia interrupted another comic and then brazenly challenged Rogan to say those things to his face.

Rogan charged Mencia with stealing from Ari Shaffir (who also eventually got on stage), D.L. Hughley...
I've never heard anyone accuse Mencia from stealing from D.L. Hughley. And Rogan certainly didn't do it on that video.

Sam Kinison
While Mencia has stolen from Kinison, I don't remember anyone charging Mencia on this that night at The Comedy Store.

He doesn't even think that Mencia is really Latin American
Rogan says Mencia is not "Mexican" not that he's not "Latin American." I think this guy so doesn't get it and is so PC, that he can't even use the word 'Mexican.' Instead he replaces it with the more PC 'Latin American' but in the process, he loses the charge levied against Mencia. Rogan even says Mencia is half Honduran, which IS Latin American.

The most damning case against Mencia, however, was made by a San Diego disc jockey, who caught Mencia in the on-air act doing a bit about "Stereotype Olympics" that actually originated with some Miami morning-zoo DJs.
That's not close to the most damning case. My opinion is that it's the Cosby clip. And even more accurately, I'd say the most damning case is the sheer volume of examples and accusations out there.

And then there is the famously manic comic who was known for his spongelike consciousness; when challenged by comics from whom he borrowed, the comedian simply bought the material from them.
Yes. This is Robin Williams. The way he writes it makes it seem like it's some mythological figure who probably never existed.

In fact, there is one joke that passes from comic to comic as a badge of honor, a standard by which one's abilities are measured. "The Aristocrats" is used as something of an acid test for a comedian's sick sensibility.
Wrong. He clearly watched (or heard of) the movie and so he believes it to be true, but I've been doing standup for 8 years and I've never heard anyone tell that joke. Before that movie came out I had never even heard of the joke itself. No one views that as any sort of badge of honor. Comics mostly only respect stage ability or off stage success.

It's actually quite easy to get mixed up and, given time and distance, come to believe that you made up a common joke yourself. Look how quickly dirty jokes sweep the nation from water cooler to water cooler, the anonymity of authorship giving each teller temporary ownership.
Water cooler jesters never actually assume ownership of jokes. In fact, it's a given that they didn't write the jokes. While with standup comedy, it's a given that the performer WAS the one who wrote the joke. This is a terrible comparison when used the way the author of this article is trying to use it.

Mencia comes forward as an amiable schlub, a bashful, hesitant man unwillingly speaking up for the silent majority.
I wonder if this guy has ever seen Mencia's act. Schlub? Bashful? Hesitant? For every hour that Mencia is on stage, there are 42 minutes of him literally yelling about how stupid people are.

Mencia is happy to remain the comic everyman who just happens to find himself the center of attention.
Wrong. I don't know if I've ever met someone who has wanted fame more than Carlos Mencia. 5 years ago, he would talk about how famous he was in certain parts of the country so much that it became part of his impression. Nearly ever interview he does now contains some reference to his fame.

...and [Joe Rogan] lost his agent and publicity manager over the matter.
Publicity manager? I don't think this is right. He has a Jew PR guy that I'm forced to like because of obvious reasons and also he's a cool guy. But I met that guy in December 2006, nearly 2 months before that night at The Comedy Store.

He may be known to insiders as Carlos Mendacious...
I've never heard that.

One or two factual errors or misguided opinions is nearly inexcusable for a journalist. This is quite a few more. I wonder if this guy ever tried to fact check or if he just went with his gut and then publish his first draft. On top of all the errors, the article also suffers from lack of direction. He never seems to follow up on any points, so the article just meanders from one topic to another, eventually saying nothing at all.

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Apr 28, 2005
Not only are you an Amazing Racist, you're quite the copy editor. Love ya, Ari.


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Dec 8, 2004
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Ari, if I were gay, I'd blow you. Even though you're not. It'd be forceful.



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Jun 8, 2006
Ari you fucking rule. mighty fine job of editing


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Mar 12, 2005
hey ari, whats it gona take to get you and rogan back to ny and in studio? its been a while


Aug 21, 2006
ann arbor
not only back in nyc, but how come we have this hack fuck in the lineup for the virus, and you and rogan are nowhere to be found? you rock ari.

Ari Shaffir

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Dec 4, 2006
Well, I'm not really big enough to be on the Virus tour. Plus I've only been on the show once ever for 2 days in December. (Although the 2nd day was the greatest day of radio in history. I still carry a picture of the baby bird on my cell phone) Rogan did the opening Virus tour date in Vegas, which he thoroughly enjoyed. And I have no idea why Mencia would still be invited.

Hopefully we'll both be back to do Caroline's and come on the show at some point soon. I'd go to New York myself, but I don't have the money and the only chance I have of getting paid to go out there is if Comedy Central puts me on Live at Gotham, which is nearly an impossibility because I'm too dirty and they just don't like me.


Aug 21, 2006
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you've been on the show once ever for 2 days, and frank caliendo has been on how many times...

the bbboys need to get you on the bill somewhere. the detroit show would be nice. i'd love to hear your jokes come from you, instead of that hack mencia.

i love you ari

(no homo)


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Nov 19, 2006
Comox... find it on a map ;)
Lovely read, calling a ... nevermind, I will play nice.
To echo the others, you rule... killed the room when I saw you and Joe in Vancouver, as odd as it was, and were nicer than need be to an idiot like me who wanted to say hi after the show.
Hope to hear you back on XM.