Mentally disturbed woman beats child.


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What the fuck, dude.

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Aw fuck, I don't want to watch that. I made it 5 seconds.

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Nope. 5 seconds in, I wanted to put this woman in a wood chopper. At that point I decided to wash my brain out with everybody's favorite prison :rap: video.


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I'd ask who's the shithead filming it, but then I realized they're Asian-Asian.

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so this is how they start to learn gymnastics?

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Video of baby being abused goes viral a year later Tashny Sukumaran, Asia News Network (The Star), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia | Wed, 05/09/2012 7:27 PMA-AA+A video of a woman abusing a toddler went viral on social networking sites Wednesday evening, with Malaysians calling for the woman’s arrest.
According to the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM), they received nearly 300 complaints about the case from concerned individuals.
However, PDRM quickly confirmed that the video was an old one and that the perpetrator was currently serving a prison sentence.
“The case was reported in IPD Petaling Jaya on May 29 last year and arrests were made on the same day.
“The perpetrator is the biological mother of the abused baby girl,” read a statement they posted on their Facebook page.
The woman is currently serving a prison sentence of 18 months commencing from the date of arrest, under Section 31 (1) Children Act 2001 which covers ill-treatment, neglect, and exposure of children to harm.
The baby is now in the custody of the Social Welfare Department, and the person who recorded the video is a police witness in this case.
The video, which runs for over four minutes, depicts a woman sitting on a bed hitting a baby with a pillow and her hands, and kicking the child.
The video began circulating on Wednesday, with outraged Twitter and Facebook users calling for the woman to be identified and arrested.

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Wow! 18 whole months for abusing a child. Try smuggling heroin out of that shit whole country and you get life.

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Yeah, I made it 5 seconds. Probably some of the worst 5 seconds of video I've seen.