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Expert Antitrust Report Finds that XM-Sirius Fail to Prove That Terrestrial Radio, Other Devices Constrain the Price of Satellite Radio

Long ass article, I'm not gonna post it all, here is the first paragraph and the link:

WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio ("C3SR") today submitted to the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") an expert antitrust report ( that exposes gaping holes in the economic analysis submitted by XM and Sirius in support of their proposed merger. The report, authored by J. Gregory Sidak, an internationally recognized expert on antitrust and telecommunications law who teaches at Georgetown University Law Center, primarily responds to a recent FCC submission by Charles River Associates ("CRA"), which purports to show that a satellite radio monopoly would not be harmful because there is adequate competition from other media such as terrestrial radio (AM and FM broadcasting), iPods/MP3 players, Internet radio, and mobile telephones.