merging .mp3 files


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I've been searching, and can't find anything that works.

I am making a DVD for my wife, it'll be a slideshow of pictures. I'm using Roxio DVD maker 6 platinum. However, it seems I can only put one song on the entire movie...and it would just loop it and loop it...makes it kind of dull.

Anyone know a good program to use to merge .mp3 files, so I can get a longer song to put on this thing?

Thanks in advance!

edit: I've downloaded 2 programs and I've tried them...but they didn't work. I'm hoping it's because one of the songs isn't stereo recorded, (mono)...put it will say that the file is 5:12 min long, but will stop after the first song is over.
Programs: MP3 Album Maker
and Direct MP3 Joiner

edit: #2 - it's because one file is MONO and I can't find a stereo recording of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" (no homo) anywhere...looks like we need a new song. Oh well.


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I was going to say Audacity but Aero 1 beat me to it. You can import a mono mp3 and force a pseudo stereo output file file of the same song. Obviously wont sounds any better but you will be able to splice it to another stereo file. Good luck.


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Audacity would work for it.
Alternately, audition 2.0/2.5 from adobe works well for audio needs, and it's somewhat intuitive enough for recommendation.

and worst comes to worse, contact me and I'll whip up the audio crap for you. Least I can do since you hooked me up with the pearl jam info :D