Metallica Front man in Rehab

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Metallica frontman James Hetfield has entered a rehabilitation facility for alcoholism and "other addictions," the band announced Thursday on its Web site.

Metallica, who began work on their eighth studio album in April, have halted all activities — including a launch party for planned for July 29 — while Hetfield undergoes treatment.

The singer/guitarist will continue treatment "until further notice," the posting said.

Metallica spokesperson Gayle Fine confirmed the posting came from the band but had no additional comment. An Elektra Records spokesperson also had no comment.

The note states: "We have always thought of you all as family and wanted you to know before this information gets out through other sources. James is working hard toward recovery and, needless to say, he has our full support. We trust that you will appreciate the sensitive nature of this matter and respect our wishes to give James the time and privacy he needs to deal with his problems.

"Until then, thank you in advance for keeping James in your thoughts and prayers, and we look forward to continuing to share music with you in the future."

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yes 'tallica definatly roxx ass, Hopefully thell pull through and get the new album out and tour going...


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Why James?
why not Lars??
Ehh fuck it the band sux now

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Yea i know, Lars should bathe in a cooler or TB and Aids, why Jaymz
Thank you Bunni! :) But please call me Ranchan! ;) Lars, worse than AIDS, UPS, and my ex! :cool: