Metro: Last Light Hard Mode as 5 Dollar DLC


I'm Team Piggy!
Fuck you, Deep Silver. 5 dollar DLC for Hard Mode? That has been standard for decades.

Fuck this bullshit DLC of stuff that must come with the game. 60 dollar game and you still
gotta pay for motherfuckin' HARD MODE?!


LDAR, bitch.
Meh. This game is on rails and lots of flaws. I give it an 80/100.


I'm Team Piggy!
These greedy fucking pricks charging full price for "downloadable" content can eat my balls.
Especially something as basic as a Hard Mode. If they added 3 or 4 main playable weapons in the game
and another 5 hours of game play or something, fine. But Hard Mode as on-disk "downloadable" content?
Fine, I dug up the old Metro thread for Last Light comments...and this. :p

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The brave new world. Just how it is. It's how things will stay.

Don't like it? Go retro like I. From PS2 back. And a select few 360/PS3/Wii games that don't have DLC.
I'll admit that them selling Ranger mode as DLC is pretty shitty, but the game is really good(on PC)...