Michael Irvin at it again

Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin was indicted Thursday on a felony charge of possessing less than a gram of cocaine stemming from an arrest last summer.
The charge carries a penalty from six months to two years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine, said Lee Ann Breading, assistant district attorney in Denton County.

Irvin was arrested Aug. 9 at a North Dallas apartment where law officers said they found marijuana and other drugs. Irvin had completed probation on a no-contest plea to felony cocaine possession less than two months earlier.

Irvin's attorney, Howard Shapiro, said he was surprised by the timing of the indictment.

"Why did it take 10 months for this case to get to the grand jury?" Shapiro said at a news conference. "What evidence exists now that didn't exist 10 months ago? I think this is overaggressive, overzealous prosecution."

Shapiro said Irvin, who was not at the news conference, planned to plead innocent and would request a jury trial.


I speak the human language
Oh well what did you expect. That's why he was retiring. So he can catch up with his cocaine habit. Once a _____ always a ______. Insert what you think he is. Some people are just the way they are, and will never change. No matter how rich they become. Just look at Robert Downey JR. He is a _____ too, I don't care what people say the word is supposed to mean. It means a dirty, cowardly, no will, thiefing, lazy, waste of life, who would rather hurt themselves or other people than fit in in society. Cowards.
You know what would be funny i got this great idea for a new TV Show. You put Darryl Strawberry, Michael Irvin, and Robert Downey Jr in a sitcom called Crackheads they all live in an APT together. Then you could have like special guest stars like Dwight Gooden and shit. Or How bout like a reality Survivor type show where you strand all 3 of those losers on a island and put crack in the middle of the island and see who holds out the longest without smoking the crack. Dwight Gooden could be the host like Jeff Probst.


I speak the human language
Hahah funny shit bro. That is some good thinking. I like it. Survivor in the hood. lol. Throw them all in a crackhouse. Dude that is hysterical. :D