Mick Foley Video from Friday


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steve had an easy time resizing the video just enough to get his foundry plug in there...


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How can someone not like a nice cut of steak?
I'm with Op on this, I just don't get it.


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Same reason why Anthony doesn't eat boogers:
The texture.


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i can kind of understand it in a way. i hate seafood, one time i tried a scallop and gagged too. but to have that reaction for most common foods is a little queer.
Tie Sam down and make him watch "Iron Chef" and Anthony Bourdain.
It has to be psychological and not texture because there are some foods that he eats that would have to have the same texture. He sees the food and automaticly associates it with being bad. I know I would be the same if someone were to put a plate of squid or octopus in front of me. I always say "I have enough food that I enjoy to not want to eat that shit" without even trying it. I was a real picky eater ( George Carlin - a big pain in the ass )as a kid but my taste buds developed as I got older. Sam just hasn't gotten to that stage yet oooooooooooooooooor may never.


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Great vid. This is the first time I've actually seen Sam. For some reason I imagined him to look more like this douche bag from that awful TV show on Fox:

Anyway that's fucked up dude. Steak is like the alpha male food.. I thought every man just naturally craved steak. There's a serious psychological thing going on here.


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Sam's head is definitly full of Candy.