Mike Rowe is a great sit-in. Who else do you like?


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Usually I'm not a big fan of when the guys have a celeb sitting in on the show (not counting comics like Vos, Bob Kelly, etc and not counting interviews), but Mike Rowe does a tremendous job. He really seems to get the vibe of the show, kind of knows when to shut up and has just a ton of great stories. I never watch Dirty Jobs, but giving him a SNV show would be interesting.

and I know I;m a few days behind


Kevin Smith is a awesome guest who brings a lot of intelligence to the table.
mike rowe, joe rogan, louis ck, kevin smith I think are the best. its been waaay too long since rogan has been on


Rowe would do a great SNV show, he has a great radio voice, he likes radio, has great fucking stories and is incredibly articulate.

I'm sure hes super busy with all the shit he does with discovery but I would love it if he did a saturday on the virus

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I still want Mike for a Saturday Night Virus Show :clap::clap:


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Billy Burr is great. Mike Rowe, Louis CK, Bob Kelly, Rich Vos, and Patrice are amazing


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yes mike rowe is awesome, quentin tarantino was also a great guest wish they could get him back regularly

miss jay mohr


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The usual comics aside, I loved Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes and the Clerks guys. I also enjoyed Joel McHale when he sat in, too.


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Don't forget JIMMY FALLON!!! He was so quick with his Big A impressions and other stuff...I love him as a guest cuz he's a little (OK...a LOT) younger than the bbboys and their usual comical 3rd/4th mics. It gives the show a fresh angle.


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I, like most American men, have a man-crush on Mike Rowe. I think the boys share in that man-crush.
I really enjoy shows when the guest wants to stay. Milla was a decent guest.
I'd love for Rick Shapiro to sit in more often, the guy has such an odd perspective on things. He's a stuttering weirdo & I think he's great (in addition to just about everyone else mentioned above, 'specially Mike Rowe & Kevin Smith)


The best guests are the ones who "get it" and can handle the hang. No pretentious bullshit, save that for Preston & Cum Receptacle show.
1.5 words:

Louis C.K.

Exploitation Friday rocked that one time they did it before they got in trouble.

Louie: "Are you a house negro or a field negro?"



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Mike Rowe works well with the show. Third mic??? Jimmy could take over Dirty Jobs and it would not phase him at all!!


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Shawneeee Smith needs to make another appearance.
Even if you are kidding I say yes, bring her back. Mike Rowe needs to be on more often, Kevin Smith, Quentin Tarantino, and definitely the Clerks guys. I always forget his real name but Randal was a fucking natural on the radio.