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Ok Kirby Puckett and Dave Winfield are going to the Hall Of Fame this year. Who would you like to see get into the Hall my vote goes to Donnie Baseball Don Mattingly i hope he does get in one day he deserves it. For all the Mets fans Gary Carter came in 3rd place with votes so maybe he will get in next year.<IMG SRC="" border=0>



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I agree Jay Don Mattingly even though I hate the Yankees with a passion he is such a great player hopefully he will get in soon

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Yes well he did get 145 votes so that was pretty good being it was his first time he was eligable to get in the hall. I have hope i think he will get in one-day. Another player who i feel very much deserves to get in the hall more than any other player is Pete Rose. Yes the man was banned from MLB for what gambling. Its a shame that MLB players today like Strawberry and others can go do there drugs and get like 8 million chances. I ask you where is Pete Roses 2nd chance.



Pete Rose SHOULD have been in the HOF already! He was busted betting on Monday Night Football, NOT BASEBALL & NOT against his own team!

I am a HUGE Yankee fan & I'm not that sure about the "Hitman" He was a great 1st baseman & an awsome hitter but when it came to the post season, he always crumbled like a stale cookie, I'm not saying he was over rated, I just think he was a pretty good ball player that got a lot of press cause he was on the NY Yankees.

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Well we agree on Pete Rose but Mattingly was the best player in baseball for a few years until injuries hampered him but he was the best player on a good team with no pitching.
I dont think he crumbled in the playoffs the whole team fell apart that series. I just think Mattingly was a player who gave it his all everyday he played even when he wasnt 100%