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Tearful Heidi Crowter has only just been told about the sexual and derogatory comments being made about an innocent picture of her online.

The 16-year-old has been the target of several other sick pages on Facebook bearing her image.

The photos of Heidi, from Coventry, as a toddler had been stolen from a website for a parents’ support group.

Horrified mum Liz and husband Steve have been bombarding Facebook to take down the sites and so far only one has been removed.

Liz, 45, said the internet trolls behind the posts had been using images of her daughter for months and Facebook had made no direct contact with her to resolve the issue.

Heidi’s pictures were taken from a local support group website, which Liz ran for about five years.

She said pages carrying Heidi’s image are still active despite Liz reporting the problem TWO WEEKS ago.

She said: “It’s almost like Faceless rather than Facebook, we have been repeatedly trying to take these distressing sites down and I have not once had a direct response.

“These trolls are cowardly, nasty people who should be punished for the damage they are doing to people with their comments.

“They have no right to take Heidi’s image and use it alongside these cruel sites. If you look at the lad who made those comments about Fabrice Muamba online, he was taken to court.

“Heidi has told me she is very upset by the sites and she turns her head away when we have them on the computer screen.”

Sickening ... Heidi and her mum Liz with the horrible Facebook pages
Caters Liz said one image had been taken down but that another was still active.
In September, Liz found her daughter’s picture on a Facebook page which insulted people with Down’s Syndrome and other learning difficulties.

The mother-of-four contacted Facebook and West Midlands Police, who she said informed her it was not a matter for officers.

Over the weekend Liz was told by friends that Heidi’s picture had been put on a new page which insulted people with Down’s Syndrome.

Liz said: “In normal life, in reality if you like, we have never had anyone make any comments to us or insult Heidi.

“It’s only because these trolls can hide behind the internet that they do this kind of thing, but it’s just as bad as someone saying it in the street.

“I feel violated and violated on Heidi’s behalf. I’m disgusted that people can be so sick.

“It’s not just Heidi, it’s photos of other people’s children as well.”

Liz said Heidi was a “very independent young lady” who was studying for her GCSEs at a mainstream school and doing a hairdressing course.

“She’s funny, stubborn and very kind.

“We’re all very upset and it and they [her other children] see her as a lovely sibling that they want to protect and support.”

Facebook said that once images were reported using its online link, they were reviewed by its User Operations Team.

A spokesman said: “When people on Facebook do find themselves in a situation where they feel uncomfortable, we encourage them to use our reporting tools so the content or activity can be investigated.

“We also have a set of rules that set out how people are expected to behave - the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”

West Midlands Police confirmed it had received a complaint on September 17 but this was withdrawn after the photograph was removed from Facebook.

Officers who wanted to reassure the caller arranged to visit them on September 22 “to ensure no offences had been committed”, a spokesman said.

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Welcome to the Internet, dipshit. The pictures are public. Therefore, the people that comprise the Internet can do almost anything they want with them.


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The fatty pest gets in on the action:

Josh Fonner

The Potato Letters: Josh Fonner Writes to “I Can Count to Potato” Victim

2012/05/02 at 10:25 am
by Nick Douglas

Slacktory’s Brad O’Farrell wrote about Heidi Crowter, the girl whose picture was used in the “I can count to potato” meme, and whom the Sun recently irresponsibly publicized. I asked Josh Fonner, who gave several interviews this year about being used in two mean “fat” memes, to write some advice from one meme victim to another.

We post a lot of satire here, but the following is real. Josh wrote one open letter to comfort Heidi, then chastised her mother in another. His opinions are, of course, his own.

Dear Heidi,

You don’t know me, but we have something in common. We’ve both been made fun of by a lot of mean people on the internet. I just wanted to write you a short letter to try to cheer you up. I understand you’re probably sad and upset about what you’ve seen in the past few days. Don’t let it get you down. I’ve had my pictures stolen and used in hurtful ways too, but the GREAT part of it is, none of these people have EVER made fun of me in real life. My advice to you Heidi, if this meme hurts you, live your life like you never found out about it. People will forget it ever happened. Just be the lovely, kind, gentle hearted person I’m sure you are, and everything will work itself out. Because “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” Keep your chin up. This will all die down soon enough. It always does.


Dear Liz,

You don’t know me either, but I can assure you, I’m not going to be nearly as nice and gentle with you as I was with your daughter. Because I don’t know you, I can’t be sure if your actions have been born of stupidity and selfishness, or sheer ignorance, but it’s obvious you’re entirely clueless how this internet thing works. If you want something to disappear, DON’T BRING ATTENTION TO IT. Also, once something is on the internet, it’s out there. For life. It’s saved on a hard drive somewhere, and always will be.

I have but one question for you. I know I’ll probably never get an answer, but I have to pose it. Honestly, what did you expect would happen here? To expound, Did you honestly expect that speaking with The Sun (one of the most blatantly exploitative ”news” magazines in existence) would get millions of people who were making fun of people with mental handicaps to just stop because it was making someone cry? While I don’t condone the actions of the people who stole your daughter’s photo, I can’t believe that a grown adult could possibly be that naive. You talked about how distraught the knowledge of this meme made your daughter, and if I’m being 100% honest here, the person to blame for that is you. This is your daughter, your MENTALLY HANDICAPPED daughter. The burden of protection and responsibility is even heavier for you because of her condition. You could have waged your fruitless crusade without causing her the (undoubtedly high) level of trauma this has. But you chose not to. You chose to expose her to this, completely unnecessarily. Not only could she have lived her entire life without knowing this was happening, she could have gone her entire life without 99% of the population knowing she was even the subject of the meme in the first place. I don’t like to think the worst of people, but obviously your need for publicity overshadowed your mothering instinct and long term thinking in this situation, and that’s a shame. I wish your daughter all the best. She’s going to have a long road ahead of her now that she’s been exposed to this venom, and I don’t want to end this letter without reiterating that long road has been partially paved by your actions.

Josh Fonner (theronin23)

And here is the link to the fatty pics in question:

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Josh Fonner Writes to “I Can Count to Potato” Victim
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In Theaters this summer: Revenge of the Memes.

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well shit the bed
In Theaters this summer: Revenge of the Memes.

Say Potato again. So Potato again! I dare you, I double dare you, motherfucker!
so potato again? looks like baggers are stroking out all over the place