monkey doesnt understand its baby hates the water


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Dumb whitey, casually filming inside the enclosure.


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Real easy for her sink like a stone black ass to be brave when she can touch the bottom.

Chino Kapone

Yo, whats wrong wit da beer we got?
Splashing the baby just made me insanely angry. I don't care what race... that poor kid. Imagine how she treats her kid at home, if thats how she treats her in public.

I imagine a month later the family was on the news for their pitbull attacking the poor child.
Baby said "ain't no pools in da hood.. you know black people don't like to swim ma!"


LDAR, bitch.
This is why we can't have swimming blacks.


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Now consider that this type of parenting doesn't just happen at the pool. Oh no, this shit is 24/7. So in a few years this child is going to be everybody's fucking problem, and we're going to blame so-cio-ty because focusing on the real issue...