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I stole most of these from a gallup poll I saw.
some of those really made me think. it's easy to look hypocritical when all the options are laid out like that.

should be an interesting poll.


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Yeah. The one that really makes me a hypocrite is being opposed to suicide in general but not doctor assisted suicide. I guess it's impulse vs. knowing for sure it's time to die.


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That was weird. I checked "40 year old having sex with a 16 year old." Honestly, there's really nothing wrong with it. It's wrong because a law in America says it is.


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I think I am able to stay consistent because I don't think that human life or life in general is worth that much. I don't consider myself immoral as much as ammoral. The only one that I would have a problem with is the 40 yr old with the 16 yr old and if the situation was my daughter. Somebody would be dead.


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Only one I didn't off was cheating. I'm going straight to hell.
Hmmm, I think I checked them all but death penalty and wearing animal fur.
The rest I'm ok with I guess.

It's weird that three times as many people are morally ok with abortion(me too)but not with an affair.


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Because an affair you made an oath to be faithful in most marriages, made it with someone you love.

I'm surprised human cloning is so high, that's just a creepy subject.


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I'm all for having a clone of myself, simply for the spare parts or being able to have it do what I don't want to do.

I am personally not going to cheat because I don't want to, nor do I have the energy to put up with someone else. However, I don't think it's necessarily bad if someone else does. Same with polygamy.

Suicide, assisted suicide, death penalty, abortion. Same thing to me. Less people to do deal with and wasting my resources.

Stem cell research. More gooder.

Fur is warm and it's made from tasty animals. Plus it's all natural.

Divorce. Did that already.

Gay sex or sex. It's just sex.

Drugs or marijauna should be legalized. See part about less people.
The Death Penalty - You knowingly kill someone, you deserve to die.

Divorce - If it doesn't work, end it.

Stem Cells - They have potential to help people, they are going to be tossed anyway or sit idle, use them to help.

Selling Marijuana - If people want to get high, who cares? Treat it the same way as alcohol.

40 Year old having sex with 16 Year old - Why not? If they both want it and its legal, sure.

Buying clothing made out of fur - Who the fuck cares? If people want to kill animals and wear them, we are on top of the food chain, that's what happens.

Having a baby outside of marriage - Yeah, it happens, big deal.

Doctor-Assisted suicide - If the person wants it, do it.

Homosexual Relations - Let gay people get married. There is no good reason not to.

Abortion - Prevents unwanted birth and kids that can't be taken care of. Allow it.

Cloning Animals - If it has a benefit to genetic discovery, sure.

Suicide - It's your problem if you want to kill yourself, the State shouldn't try to stop you.

Cloning Humans - Humans are animals, same as above.

Polygamy - If both partners are OK with it, who cares?

Married men and women having affairs - I wouldn't personaly do it, but others will. It happens.

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The ones I voted that I have zero moral objection to:

1) The death penalty - My only problem with it is that it's not used enough.
2) Divorce - Not the ideal solution, but sometimes the only option.
3) Selling marijuana - I have no problem with it. Worse things are legal.
4) 40 year old man having sex with a 16 year old (where it's legal) - Or vice-versa. Who cares?
5) Having a baby outside of marriage - Again - who cares?
6) Doctor-assisted suicide - Should be an option for those who really want it.
7) Polygamy - Plenty of it in the Bible. I don't see why it suddenly became a problem in "modern" times.

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#14 box for consentual, negotiated non monogamy


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I'm curious why less than half think suicide is moral, but almost all think doctor-assisted suicide is? That's bass-ackwards.
I'm curious why less than half think suicide is moral, but almost all think doctor-assisted suicide is? That's bass-ackwards.
Because assistance with dying in a more humane way rather than by the ravages of a terminal disease like AIDS or cancer is a lot different than some EMO kid that feels like he doesn't have any friends and wants people to feel guilty for not paying attention to him.

I don't care all that much because if a if someone wants to punch out early then it's one less person using resources. I'm sure I'd feel fucked up about someone I love killing themselves but hopefully I won't run into that sort of thing.

I've been depressed but I didn't kill myself over something stupid because I'm selfish and I don't ever want to die.


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I checked them all. Leave people the fuck alone.


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I'm surprised human cloning is so high, that's just a creepy subject.
I was suprised by that, too.

One only three I didn't check.

Don't know why it is(it has nothing to do with religion), but I find that whole thing very disturbing.


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i think suicide, doctor assisted or otherwise, is alright because its your choice. just like the death penalty is ok beause you didn't have to murder or **** people you made that choice. didn't check abortion so obviously had to check bastard on and so forth

edit: you can see how self conscious all the baggers one agrees with affairs but we'll kill pretty much anything and sell drugs :)


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The reason I'm against the death penalty is that juries get it wrong. the reason I'm against cloning human beings is that the people who will be able to afford it are generally assholes. Why don't we clone murderers and execute the one who committed the crime?