More Mine Trouble

I assume this new happening will slow down/stop the original rescue efforts.
No offense, but it's been like 11 days since the original problem. I'm all for keeping hope, but 11 days is a long time and they're not even that far in for 11 days of work. 11 days, like 800 feet of progress. You literally couldn't pay me enough to do this job, no matter how much I couldn't do it.

So now 3 people helping with the rescue effort have died in a cave-in and more injured.

Enough about these mines, what is it 1890 still?
It's all-robot time.

Three rescuers killed as Utah mine caves in
Fri Aug 17, 2007 2:08 AM EDT

SALT LAKE CITY (Reuters) - Three of the rescuers attempting to find six workers trapped in a Utah mine since last week have been killed following a cave-in, officials said on Thursday.

Additionally, six rescuers were injured, said Tammy Kikuchi, a spokeswoman with Utah's Department of Natural Resources.

She confirmed the third death, but it was not known at which hospital that rescuer died.

The others died at Castleview Hospital in Price, Utah -- about 20 miles from the mine site at Crandall Canyon in Huntington -- and at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center in Provo, Utah.

The cave-in, which occurred about 6:35 p.m. MDT (8:35 p.m. EDT), was referred to as a "mountain bump" -- an eruption of rock and coal under increased pressure from overhead rock as drilling removes surrounding rock and material shifts in an area of the mine.

The federal Mine Safety and Health Administration said all rescue workers were evacuated from the mine and were accounted for, the Salt Lake City Tribune reported on its Web site.

The six trapped miners who were the subject of the search have not been heard from since the central Utah mine caved in on August 6.

"Tonight we have witnessed a most unfortunate incident on top of last week's tragedy," Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman said in a statement. "I hope the lessons we learn from this week in Utah will be instrumental in improving mine safety everywhere."

Crandall Canyon Mine co-owner Robert Murray said earlier on Thursday the cavity found by a third bore hole had enough oxygen to sustain life indefinitely and that his crews would keep up efforts to contact the missing men.

Rescue crews were preparing to drill a fourth hole into the mine on Thursday. Work on a tunnel that could eventually get them out was proceeding slowly because of seismic activity.

It is not yet clear what caused the mine to collapse. Murray has said it was triggered by an earthquake despite disagreement from geologists.


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When are they going to accept that these guys are dead?


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Guess god need some hole diggers
That's funny cause there is no god.
Get it


He was stupid. I was lucky. I will visit him soon.
The only thing in my opinion that would be more dangerous to me than working in a mine is being in Iraq.

I think it is easy for us to say, "11 days. Their obviously dead." But when someone you care about is down there you hold out hope and that is why the rescue effort continued.

The second cave-in is a fucking nightmare. I feel terrible for all involved.


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14 days seems to be the outlier for rescuing survivors. After that it's just over.
I don't understand how thay can say that the oxygen levels are still high enough for them to still be alive.. especially when they don't know exact;y where they are. How is air getting in??

I'm assuming that they didn't want to spend the $$ to keep tracking devices on these guys? Just seems really primitive.

Sucks to be those guys. I feel sorry for them. Hope they attack the shit out of the owner(s)


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Can a tracking device signal get through that much rock? Just asking 'cuase I don't know.


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Can a tracking device signal get through that much rock? Just asking 'cuase I don't know.
Generally no. It's possible to get a signal thrugh that much rock but the equipment would be bulky and need lots of juice. Look at how much trouble the gov't goes through to talk to submarines. And that's just water.
They would need repeaters, which would be crushed or blocked by the cave in.


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I'm not saying "alright they're dead, let's all go home" But 11 days without food and water is a lot.


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They've suspended rescue operations now. Are these the actions of people who are optimistic that the miners are alive?


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I think these are the actions of people stuck between a rock & a hard place, no pun intended. How many more people do you kill to save those that are trapped? And, do you play the odds that the rescue effort does NOT continue to cause more cave ins & possibly kill those that are trapped and may or may not be alive?

I sure as hell would not want to be calling the shots on this one. I love being a desk jockey.


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They really just need to give it up. I hate to see it happen, but the reality is that
more people may be killed trying to get to people that are already dead.