Moron jumps into cactus, hilarity ensues


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I agree on "moron" disagree on "hilarity"


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"I feel so sorry for you"

Uhh, no. You willingly do something stupid and fuck you, enjoy your cactus rape, moron.

"Owieeeee" @1:00



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"Yeah, I'm gonna be a YouTube star!"

Moron indeed.


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Haha Whiney little bitch..


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I hope half those needle holes get infected.

I wonder how many are broken off, and how much cactus is still under his retarded skin.


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I was hunting in Texas and knelt to gut a critter and there was a dead dried up cactus part in the grass. I picked needles out of my knee until my pants were unpinned, then picked out needles for a few weeks. A year later I was shitting a break at work and felt a stiff hair on my knee. Grabbed it and out came another needle.They were shorter than this guy's needles. He will have them in his lungs and liver for years and I say good for him. His lingering death can amuse us all.


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That guys a fucking asshole.