Mosin Nagant scope question.


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I have 2 Russian Mosin Nagants. One I am keeping stock with the iron sites. The other I purchased a promag arch angel sniper stock for it. I want to add optics to it. I bought a brass stacker see thru scope mount with picatinny rail that sits over the rear iron site.

I am looking for suggestions as to what would be a good long eye relief or scout scope to use without breaking the bank. It's an inexpensive gun so I don't want to go nuts with the optics. It's mainly for target shooting on a 300 yd range.

Thanks for any suggestions.


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For cheap longer eye relief scopes I have used Simmons shotgun scopes in the past. I made some scout rifles with custom handcrafted bases attaching to the rear sight on Swedish Mausers and they worked alright. Also used them on some Greener Martinis with the scope beyond the receiver ring to make loading easier. They are low power and the optics are like cheap scopes. You get what you pay for.


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Yeah, thats what i was figuring as far as the cheap ones. But i'm not hunting or anything so not too worried about super high quality. I'll check out the Simmons. Thanks!

I found this one while doing some research at work tonight. Looks to be decent quality, good reviews and only $65


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look at Natchez, they always have a great selection of low priced scopes

and always have something on sale


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Thanks! Yeah, I'm doing the rounds on all the go to sites. Natchez, Cheaperthandirt, budsgunshop, etc. Just trying to see if anyone has experience with these particular type scopes and whatnot. I could have went with a receiver scope mount, but that involves some gunsmithing, drilling into the gun itself and installing a bent bolt handle to clear the scope. Didn't want to put that much into it nor mess with drilling the gun.