Most Livable City 2013


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Melbourne ranked world's most liveable city - again
August 28, 2013
Three-peat: Melbourne has topped the most-liveable rankings again.

Melbourne has been crowned the globe’s most liveable city for the third time in a row, nudging out Austrian capital Vienna in The Economist Intelligence Unit Survey.

In the review of 140 cities, Victoria’s capital was given perfect scores for health care, education and infrastructure.

Meanwhile four other Australian cities made this year’s top 10, including Adelaide (number 5), Sydney (number 7) and Perth (number 9).

Conflict was responsible for many of the lowest scores. Damascus in war-torn Syria was ranked the lowest, scoring just 20 per cent for stability.

TOP 10

Melbourne, Australia
Vienna, Austria
Vancouver, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Calgary, Canada
Adelaide, Australia
Sydney, Australia
Helsinki, Finland
Perth, Australia
Auckland, New Zealand


Damascus, Syria
Tehran, Iran
Douala, Cameroon
Tripoli, Libya
Karachi, Pakistan
Algiers, Algeria
Harare, Zimbabwe
Lagos, Nigeria
Port Moresby, PNG
Dhaka, Bangladesh


So apparently Adelaide is 5th (or 6th, whichever one is correct) yet despite its relatively low population (about 1.7 million over a GIANT area) commuting is needlessly a bitch, there are plenty of dangerous suburbs and despite our number of fantastic restaurants and high quality of food, everything costs far more than its worth. I can't for the life of me see how our humble city outranks numerous European ones, but whatever.

Melbourne certainly is great...

Auckland? I don't know how a city is "livable" when they have that many earthquakes. I guess Pompeii is still a contender.


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Hold up. Doesn't like every indigenous animal in Australia kill you? How is that entire continent considered livable?


I'm wasting my life here
But dipshit Piers Morgan goes on and on about how guns are banned there. That silly bastard.
In Aboriginal communities, one of the means of doling out corporal punishment is to put a spear through his leg.

They're still spear-chuckers down here, mate.

Norm Stansfield

How the fuck is being surrounded by millions of Australians considered livable?


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I always see these as trying to get people to emigrate out of NYC and London. Don't fall for it Australia, you don't want the refugees.


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I do like the work contracts you can get with your mech in Port Moresby