most obscure name....

since the boys are away and its kinda slow on the board..who on the board has the most obscure name...I'm nominating myself I'd be surprised if more than 4 people know the name....


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Your a junior from Boston college? Your 6'5 292lbs. You play for the varsity football team.

On the real, for the life of me I can't figure that name out. I know I have heard the name, I just can't figure it out. You got me stumped on this one buddy.


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I think mark Parenteu, or how ever you spell that name, was a game show host, or maybe on one of those news shows like dateline or some shit.


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Wait I think I got it. Is it that kid who tried to off himself the other day? WTF I hate this shit. I can't figure it out. It sounds so familiar.

You know what I just realized? The words "this" and "shit" consist of the same letters. ::::Insert pothead laugh here::::


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That's it. You got it bro. I was pondering this for days and getting pissed off. That's got to be it. I am almost positive that it's Psycho Mark's name.
nope..not mark.....I'll give you guys a clue he was a huge enemy of the show at one time


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Cocksuckmotherfucker...I can't figure it out. I feel as if I know it. That's why I thought for sure it was Psycho mark's last name. That was the last person I was thinking of. Who is it???!!!!


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I give him a men at work: Golf clap? Golf clap. Patpatpatpatpat.
I won't tell ....bring it up to the guys I'm sure they'll get a good laugh reminiscing....
I'm gonna go read my post now....


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hey was he the one of the guys who o&a a gave to the radio chick for a job but chuck got it


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Okay dude it has run it's course. Who the fuck is it? I am threatening you with the edit button. :D
Mark Parenteau, Aka Ben Dover, Pickle Smuggler, Pillow Biter, Butt Pirate, Turd Burglar, Friend of Dorothy's(did I forget any?).

He was a one-time nemesis of O & A from Boston, who came to NY & was on Q-104, until the old WNEW jocks relocated & replaced him. He was friendly with the guys in NY. In fact, they tooled on Psycho Mark (who used to work for him in Boston) and somehow got the name "Pickle Boy Jones". He was a long time fixture in Boston Radio with many rumours (But what is a rumour, but a premature fact)that he was GGAAAAAYYYYY.

OK Mark, so what do I win???? And if you say a hummer or rimjob, I'll go Psycho Mark on you!!! (Oh wait, maybe that's not a good idea because that is how he got his nickname!!!)

BTW, where are you now????

What was the name of the computer who used to appear on Mark's show????