Mother Arrested For Trying To "Beat The Gay" Out Of Her Teenage Son


Mary "I Be Hatin Those Peter Puffers" Gowans

A North Carolina woman who allegedly attempted to “beat the gay” out of her teenage son is facing child abuse charges, police report.

Responding to a 911 call, a cop arrived last Saturday evening to the Whiteville residence Mary Gowans, 41, shares with her children.

An officer noted there “was yelling and screaming from several subjects outside the house.”

According to a Whiteville Police Department report, the teenager told an officer that Gowans, seen at right, had instructed his younger brother to “strike him repeatedly and he was instructed not to fight back.”

The victim told police that his mother then made him strip to his underwear and “proceeded to strike him with a belt across his body.” The brothers told police that their mother “stated that she was going to beat the gay out of him.”

Gowans also allegedly struck the victim “with a stick that left a large abrasion on his left shoulder.” The victim’s injuries were photographed after the he was transported to the office of a magistrate.

Free on bond, Gowans is scheduled for an October 9 District Court hearing in the child abuse case. She was previously busted this year for assault and battery and, following the abuse bust, was collared for driving without a license and driving with a child in the car’s front seat.

Seems reasonable...


LDAR, bitch.
Welp, can't say he didn't deserve it.


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Musta been fun for the younger brother.

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Saw part of the title and first thought 'Mother arrested for trying...lemme think. Beat, eat, burn, kill her kid. And she'll be black.'


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Scary looking woman. Offspring of King Willie?

"You can't see the eyes of the demon, until him come callin'"


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Loved her in Thunderdome!

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I understand the mob justice but aren't they also supposed to feather her?


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I GTRed correctly because this is traditionally a father's job.


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Scary looking woman. Offspring of King Willie?

"You can't see the eyes of the demon, until him come callin'"
There's no stopping what can't be stopped, no killing what can't be killed.


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I guess the laws of PC dictate that the pro-gay organizations can't get all OUTRAGED!! because the perp in this case is black. It's like rock-paper-scissors. One will trump the other which will trump the third.


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Why didn't she just stick pins in a voodoo doll?