Mother of student 'raped' by 'Horndog High' teacher sues for $10m


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Mother of student 'raped' by 'Horndog High' teacher sues for $10m - because her son had his 'childhood robbed from him'

By Daily Mail Reporters
PUBLISHED: 09:41 EST, 18 October 2012 | UPDATED: 11:15 EST, 18 October 2012

The mother of a teenager who had an affair with one of his married teachers is suing both the city and the instructor for $10million in damages because her son had 'his childhood robbed from him'.

Maureen Eng, from New York, filed the suit after it emerged her son Kevin, 16, had sex with his James Madison High School English teacher Erin Sayar.
Sayar no longer works at the Brooklyn school - which has been nicknamed Horndog High because of previous encounters between students and teachers.

Married mother: Erin Sayar, 36, turned herself in last June and was charged with ****, criminal sex act, sexual misconduct, and sexual abuse

Silent: Sayar was released from jail for now but she faces four years behind bars for alleged sexual encounters with the high school football player; she's pictured returning to her Brooklyn home

Sayar was 35 at the time of the affair and it emerged the pair had sex eight times in her car and her classroom when she should have been tutoring him.

Maureen Eng accuses in court papers: 'Sayar used the authority and power of her position to place the infant in a vulnerable position, betray his trust and engage in pedophilic conduct with him.'

The suit also names the Department of Education for failing to police the 'improper conduct' of its employee, according to the New York Daily News.
Court records claim Sayar would ply the youngster with pot that she kept in her filing cabinet.

Although Kevin initially denied the affair, which came to light after his girlfriend found steamy Facebook messages between them, he later confessed when presented with Sayar's cellphone records.

Chaos: Numerous news crews surrounded Sayer (centre) as she leaves court with husband Jimmy Lathrop (second from front) walking in front of her

Bond: Erin Sayar, a Brooklyn teacher who is charged with **** in a case in which authorities say the woman had sex with her student, 17, is released on bail

The couple exchanged 3,856 text messages during a span of 17 days.

The Brooklyn high school got its nickname in 2009 when two of Sayar’s fellow female teachers were caught in a naked embrace in a classroom, according to the New York Daily News. Another female teacher was accused of seducing a male student.

Sayar's husband initially said he planned on divorcing her but later insisted he was sticking by his wife after she was charged with statutory ****

Sayar was released on $10,000 bond in June after she turned herself into the NYPD Special Victims Squad and was charged with eight counts of third-degree **** and criminal sexual conduct.

As Judge Kevin McGrath set bail, he also issued an order of protection for the student.

According to the New York Post, Kevin was boasting about the sexual trysts on Facebook and to other students in detention.

Football teammate Eddie Reid, 16, said they quickly grew suspicious, telling the Post: 'We had weight training every day in sixth period, but instead of going to the weight room, Kevin was going to her office — and the door was locked.

'People would go to the door and try and open it. She’d just yell "Go to class!" and "Get out of the hallway!",' Reid said.

The lawyer representing Eng is claiming his client was traumatized by what happened and that it left him the 'subject of scorn and ridicule'.
But other students said he was proud of the affair.

Illicit: Married teacher Erin Sayar, 36, allegedly had sex with student Kevin Eng when she was meant to be tutoring him

Allegations: She is accused of having sex with 16-year-old pupil Kevin Eng in her office at James Madison High School

After hacking Eng's Facebook account, the girl found messages he had sent to Sayar which read, 'I love you so much' and 'I always loved you, since last year'.
Sayar replied: 'Oh no — I’m not putting myself out there again. I made that mistake last night and you couldn’t handle it.'

Despite this, the teacher gave the boy her mobile number and ordered him to delete their conversations.

Devastated, the girl informed school officials of the pair's exchanges, and confronted her boyfriend.

According to the school's report, Eng admitted having oral sex and intercourse with Sayar between eight to 12 times.

One midnight tryst apparently saw Sayar pick the boy up from his house in her car.
'Eventually, they began kissing and then engaged in sexual intercourse and oral sex inside the SUV,' the report said, adding that the boy had described tattoos on intimate parts of Sayar’s body.


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According to the New York Post, Kevin was boasting about the sexual trysts on Facebook and to other students in detention.
Some victim.