move over Rebecca Black


Konstantin K

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So that's what Linda Hogan is doing with all that money she got from Hulk.


I'd rather listen to Gloria Allred.


Three seconds is about all as a man can take before he hurls.

Also, her bunt is as big as Texas.

Creasy Bear

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That woman believes she is sexy and talented in the same manner that Kirk believes he is intelligent and world-wise.


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Her voice is awful. Like Club Soda Kenny awful only not intentional. And her face reminds me of a baseball mitt.


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Christ, if I was younger, I'd be scarred for life. Thank god I'm old enough to have seen some horror in my life.

The only 3 second rule I know is if it hasn't been on the floor more than three seconds, it's still edible. This bitch is about 25 years past that date.


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Budd Dwyer must have known this was coming.