Movies: Good Marksmanship by Bad Guys


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Was watching Skyfall (finally) and noticed that the bad guy was an excellent marksman. This is rare in action films. Well, I suppose his cronies were sub-par, but I never had the feeling they couldn't aim.

The game is this.

Name movies in which the bad guys can actually shoot.


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The Joker in the Tim Burton Batman movie. He brought down a plane with a single bullet from a handgun.


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Are we talking good shooting throughout the movie? Some of these guys are quite good when it comes to killing off tertiary characters, but when it comes to our hero, can't hit anything. Their incompetence is not consistent.

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Jamie Foxx in Django Unchained. And yes he was, as far as I'm concerned.


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LA Confidential. Not the cronies but just the head guy. Granted only 2 shots fired but both on target.


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That leader Uruk-hai. He used Boromir as a pin cushion.


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James Caan and his buddies put a hurtin' on Benicio Del Toro and Ryan Phillipe in "The Way of the Gun"

Plus, Sara Silverman getting her cunt nose broken in the beginning makes the movie worth watching,


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the dude with the glass eye, Benedict, in Last Action Hero, and Moriarty's crony Colonel Sebastian Moran in Sherlock Holmes 2


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That slope dink bitch in full metal jacket


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Agent Zero in Origins: Wolverine
Bruce Willis in The Jackal
hero soldier in Inglourious Basterds
Enemy at the Gates


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Gene Hackman in Unforgiven and The Quick and the Dead.


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Sigmund the Sea Monster from the Tom Berenger movie Sniper. The ghille suit clad sniper that dusts Berenger's partner at the beginning of the movie and gets killed at the end of the movie.

Was Samuel L. Jackson considered a bad guy in Shaft? Because he was a.....y'know. Shaft always double-tapped with a pistol. One to the chest, one to the head. Accurate as all get out.

Scaramanga was pretty damn good with that golden gun of his too.


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Agent Zero in Origins: Wolverine
Bruce Willis in The Jackal
hero soldier in Inglourious Basterds
Enemy at the Gates
Bruce Willis was a terrible shot in The Jackal. He took out an entire stage and still missed his target.


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Scaramanga...nuff said...and: