Mr. Destiny


I speak the human language
I like this movie. It's with james belushi. He hates his life. HE thinks if he had just hit a baseball in a high school game his life would have changed. A guy (micheal keaton) plays mr. destiny and changes his life. It's a good flick.

I like any movie belushi made during that tiem. I loved "takin' care of business" Awesome movie.
Yeah that was a good movie i liked it he was Larry Burroughs. My fav movie of his was K-9.


I speak the human language
Yeah K-9 was real good. I even remember the dogs name. Jerry lee. haha.

Dude but do you remember "takin' care of business? With Charles Grodin and belushi.

Belushi breaks out of jail to try to get to the cubs in the world series. He winds up taking over the life of some guy named "spencer"(Grodin). The guy was rich and had a mansion. It was a great movie.

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Oh hell yeah that movie rocked and he caught a the ball when Mark Grace hit the homerun in the World Series!!


I speak the human language
Yeah and then he breaks back into prison. lol. I love that flick. It's never on though. :mad:
I used to rent it all the time years ago its bound to be on cable sometime.