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I use MS Office 07 at work, where I have a multitude of different network printers. My Windows default printer is a networked copy machine. I use a different networked laser printer for printing envelopes. My envelopes are saved as word documents in envelope format. Is there a way to force default those envelope files to the laser printer, and keep everything else going to the copy machine? Or do I have to change the printer from the print drop down every time I need to switch to an envelope, as I have done for the last 2.5 years, which is an annoyance?


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It's not Office, it's Windows. You have 1 default printer. Yes, you have to change to a different printer if it's not your default.

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Clicking a drop-down arrow is an annoyance? Jeez-Louise...:action-sm

The quick answer is if you don't really do it a lot, just hit CTRL+P to start your printing, and then type the first letter on your keyboard of the printer's name and it will automatically change to that printer. I've got a Brother laser printer and a wireless Canon MFP color printer hooked up on my network. When I'm just printing black and white, those go to the Brother so I hit "B," and when I'm printing color, those go to the Canon so I press "C."

The second solution is since MS Word will always print to the default printer, you could have another program just print your envelopes and you could select the envelope printer as that program's default. So when you need to print envelopes, start that program instead. Not sure if Wordpad or MS Works (which are probably already installed on your machine) will "save" a default printer like that, but you could also download Open Office and use that for the envelopes that way.

The third option requires a bit of tinkering, not sure how proficient you are on the computer. Download this Zip file and extract the files and then copy the "Associate Printer 2003" file to your C:\Users\CougarHunter (or whatever your comp username is)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\STARTUP folder. Then open your envelope template file and then setup the default printer properties there. You may get an "installing macro" security warning, but allow it to install and/or enable macros in Word. It'll then be in the Add-Ins menu and you can configure it from there.

Zip file:
Instructions here:


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Thanks guys, but apparently I'm screwed. I thought it was just a setting I was overlooking. I am on a pretty locked down thin client network at work so there won't be any installing of programs. Also the two printers are named damn near identically, so the letter trick doesn't work either. Oh well it was worth asking to see if it would even work.