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This is in two parts:

Newsweek's 'MUSLIM RAGE' Cover Draws Angry Protest (PHOTO)

Newsweek is courting controversy yet again with its latest cover.

The magazine has become famous (or infamous, depending on your perspective) for its deliberately provocative cover choices and stories. When criticized, Newsweek has argued that it is trying to start conversations and run sharp-elbowed opinion pieces by people from across the political spectrum.

The cycle of condemnation and defense looked set to continue on Monday. The magazine's new issue leads with an article by the highly polarizing Ayaan Hirsi Ali about the protests currently taking place in the Middle East. As if that wasn't enough, the issue's cover is a scorcher. A blaring headline reading "MUSLIM RAGE" sits atop a picture of wild-eyed, bearded, saliva-flecked men:

The cover attracted a predictable amount of criticism. The conservative Daily Telegraph called it a " sickening piece of shock journalism that cheapens a once great magazine" and compared it to the anti-Muslim film that sparked the protests. Newsweek is standing by its choice, however, according to the magazine's statement to Politico.
Now, in relation to this, this is one of the few times I'm going to recommend a visit to fark. The shops were great:


Now, part 2:

'Muslim Rage' Explodes On Twitter, But In A Funny Way (Yes, Really)

Reaction to the Innocence of Muslims film and the violence it sparked has ranged from confusion and anger to the fear of possible reprisals against religious groups. And now, on Twitter, at least, humor has managed to coalesce around an unlikely hashtag: #muslimrage.

Inspired by the all-caps headline "MUSLIM RAGE" on this week's cover of Newsweek, irreverent tweeters who happen to be Muslim are giving a glimpse of what really ticks them off — or at least, what makes them irate enough to make a joke.

Here are a few examples:

"I'm having such a good hair day. No one even knows. #MuslimRage" — Hend (retweeted 2900 times).
Lost your kid Jihad at the airport. Can't yell for him. #MuslimRage — Leila (retweeted 1000 times).
"When you realize that if you have a 5 o'clock shadow it can be deemed a security threat." — Taufiq Rahim.
"#muslimrage when you order halal chicken and find out the chef cooked it in alcohol!" — Hassan Sultan.
"You go to a football watch party and all these is to eat is pepperoni pizza and beer battered chicken wings #MuslimRage" — Waliya.
"i dont feel any rage....does that mean i am not muslim?#someonegetmeadrink #MuslimRage " — Ramah Kudaimi.

The hashtag was meant to host a rather more serious discussion sparked by a Newsweek feature written by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, describing "how she survived Muslim rage—and how we can end it."

But it seems there is no consensus on just what incites rage these days. People also submitted images to Twitter to make their points — or, actually, jokes — as you can see below:


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Oh, and on that fark page, if you want some real fun, read the posts by "whidbey." he's a hoot. He believes the "movie" meets the definition of obscene and should be treated as a such. The video maker should be held accountable, you guys.

And I just want to sing "Muslim Rage" to the tune of Chocolate Rain.

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Good one, but I fucking hate that meme.


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Mother is human, dad is an angel. No one to play ball with.

And from Fark

Zarquon's Flat Tire said:
I thought a rage was the name for a group of Muslims. Like a prude of Christians, a flow of Taoists, or a bank of Jews.

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I want to play. Is there an image macro of the Newsweek cover or are you guys using actual Photoshop?

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Attention, lazy people. I cut the headline out and uploaded the image to under the name "Muslim Rage". Have at.