my baby is black


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what days was my baby is black aired i cant find the air dates anywhere


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same day as slave girl..(shhh it never happened)


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ya but im looking for the dates (beacuse opie made us wait a day for the second half) so i can find it in my massive collection


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well all I can tell ya it was before May 15th.


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just joking did you check the underground thrread?


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i cant remember but i will check again


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not being the "search Nazi" here but i think around the time this thread was started


I love how now that I finally found the my baby is black bit after searching for it for over a month, It is easily found here. Why does this shit always happen to me??


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I've got the full, commercial free MP3 file of that entire day it on my harddrive. Its 4 hrs, 6 minutes, and 113 meg. Let me know how to get it to you, an I'll make it happen.

The same day is when they started talking about "John and jeff", and the guy from the original (British) "The Office" was on that day too.

Now.....if we can just get someone with Netflix or Blockbuster to rent the movie itself, rip it and upload it to the newsgroups, I'll be a happy man. ;-)


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i had it on my drive got it that day just wanted to here it and couldent remember the date and dident want to listen to 20 gigs of shows to find it

also its now up on torrent if u know where to go


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It was in January...

right before and right after they played the audio of the "Wee for Wii" audio.

EDIT: Double-checked, first tease is the end of the show 1/17/07


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Does anyone know when the show was broadcast where O&A had Bob Kelly on and they were doing bits about the black guy with the pink bicycle who mugged the 87 year old?

I know that it was either January or February, but don't know the exact date.