My bro-in-law. To be on the show today


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My brother in law his name is george will be on the o&a show today. He is a milkman who sells milk products. He called rick and offered to supply the whip cream. He should be on the show today as a judge possibly. I am sure he will be plugging his milk company. Which is bartlett dairy. Keep an ear out,. Maybe he will give me a shout. But as we all know and I told him the guys ain't too big on shoutouts. Just thought I'd share this with yall. Enjoy the show. Should be a good one. :D


I speak the human language
He plugged his juice company instead of his milk co. Man him and his friends were being bad plug whores. I told him not to go overboard with the plugs. He was relaxing after the begining. But his partner would not shut up. Remember that's BIG SQUEEZE orange juice. :D


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Thats Awesome I heared it good for him mav babes


I speak the human language
Yeah thanks. I taped it. I really hope that his company grows. He is a good salesman.

The guys in the backround were his partners. They should have shut up and let him do all the talking. The guy who was like "you can get it at king kullen or etc.." That's jimmy. He's such a big mouth.

I think they will be back in the studio. They applied the whip cream to a few of the girls. They said the first one was a dog. But the next 2 were pretty hot. :D
Bartlett Dairy? Damn, my store has TONS of their milk crates in the back room. ^^