my Chris Jericho signing story

So I went to see Chris Jericho on Friday. It was held at Borders in NYC. It wasn’t a gigantic turn out, but a great one for a guy who hasn’t been on WWE TV for 2 years. Crowd was really pumped.

As I got closer to the front, you could tell that everyone was leaving happy and Y2J was enjoying himself. He yelled out to the line “you guys having a good time?!”. And the actual autograph session was unlike most. At WWE signings… you gotta give them your item, thank them, and leave. It’s not their fault cause the wrestlers are nice but they just rush everyone. This time around, there’s a huge table, and you get to sit down next to Jericho and talk to him for like a full minute or two. He’s really personal and nice. While it may take longer, it’s certainly worth it.

Funny moment consisted of someone who yelled out “I’m a man of 1,005 holds!” to which Jericho replied “Name them”.

So I got up to him, and I knew right away the question I wanted to ask. See… in Jericho’s book, there’s a part where he talks about a secret arm wrestling trick that he learned from Scott Norton. In the book however, he doesn’t share the secret. He says you must ask him in person, and if he feels like it, he’ll teach you.

I handed someone my camera to take a picture for me. I sit down, hand him my book, and asked, “alright I’ve been reading your book and I’m about halfway through and I have a question. What is the Scott Norton arm wrestling trick?” His eyes light up and he goes “ahh good question. I’m excited someone finally asked me. Here let me show.” *puts his arm in arm-wrestling position and I follow through, we lock*

He continues: “The trick is to clutch your wrist down, so you get your entire shoulder into it”. *He shows me, I do the same thing back*

“When you do this, you get your arm into it, and if you do this, you can never lose an arm wrestling match, except against me, cause I’m the mighty Chris Jericho”. Seeing this as an opportunity that I would never have again, I asked, “Well… how about I get a match?” Jericho’s eyebrows raise and he goes “sure, just pull your chair around”.

So I pull my chair around, and Jericho’s hands and mine lock up. I start moving him down, trying all my best to get him. His arm is about halfway down; he just smiles and goes “1………….2……………*pins me in a split second* 3”.

We’re both laughing about it and he goes “can someone get him a soda?” Crowd gets a nice laugh. So he stands up and goes “Let me just explain quick, my fine Jericholics of New York. He had a question about something that I had written in my book. I’m not looking for a fight.” He turns to me and asks if I’m all right. I tell him absolutely. I asked for a regular picture and we get one. He shakes my hand and goes “hey man, I really appreciate you reading my book. Thanks for coming out! ”

So in conclusion, this was one of the best autograph sessions I have ever been to. There’s a reason that Chris Jericho is one of my favorites of all time. I strongly recommend that everyone pick up his book and have him sign it. If Y2J is ever going to read this… thanks for being such a gentleman and making a fan really happy. We can’t wait for you to come back.


dude AF could beat you in an arm wrestling watch

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Mark, that's not big.
it was supposed to be. the url i stole the img from showed it as 1100x700 pixels, but when I hotlink it, it's only 600x400. odd. kinda like the person who started this thread

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[Sigh] Another Fleaman long until he wins the Nobel Prize?
And those are officially are the gheyest pictures I have ever seen!


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Wow, am I in the minority here? I fuckin' liked the post. I'm pissed Jericho didn't do any signings closer to me. Seems like an awesome guy to meet, and I still want to check out his book.


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Good post. Did anyone ask him about the save_us.222 promos and/or his return?


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the series of pics made me think of conan o'brien's "summer barbecue" bit.

nice story, i like the handholding, so sweet. i really am a little jealous of fleaman on this one. (first time i've said that since i said "i wish i could sing "breakfast at tiffany's like that! LINGER LONGER!!!)

flea, you should have finished off the signing by :

a.) turning to him and plugging a jim norton caroline's gig

b.) trying to get him to sign a copy of "happy endings"
Chris Jericho is a humorless douch bag. Thats why Opie said that he and Chris had so much in common. BFFE


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dude AF could beat you in an arm wrestling watch
I bet she couldn't beat me in a wrestling match.

And I'm more than willing to step into the ring with her to prove that.

Now for the completely gay portion of the post: Chris Jericho is a very pretty man.


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Wow, am I in the minority here? I fuckin' liked the post. I'm pissed Jericho didn't do any signings closer to me. Seems like an awesome guy to meet, and I still want to check out his book.
x2 that was a good post.


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That's really cool that he would take the time for a sit down like that....I respect his dedication to his fans.

Glad you got to meet him that's always good to meet a hero and to see that he is also a nice guy.


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As much as I want to make fun of the pics I can't since my picture of me with Dan Severn is without a doubt the gayest pic there is. I could be sucking him off and look more manly.

Anyway, sounds like a good time.