My New Rig.


Go back to your shanties.
What do you think? I'm worried my power supply isn't enough. (650W)

No I did not build it myself. I paid Chinese children.



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If every thing runs without shut downs or errors, then the p/s is good enough. You should be good unless you have a half dozen drives on it or something.
You gotta give us some more. What CPU, mobo, how much ram, what liquid cooler model etc. loving the NVidia graphics card though.


Go back to your shanties.
Just hooked it up yesterday.Runs swimmingly.


ASUS Mobo, AMD 8350 eight core processor (4ghz), Nvidia 660ti, 8gb ram (will upgrade)


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Sounds good. Did they overclock it? Is the GPU water cooled too? It looks like they routed all the cable back behind the motherboard. Is it a Mid sized tower with the Power supply on the bottom or is it a pizzabox? Where are the drive bays? Need more wide angle shots.