My nifty new laptop!


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Yay me, I finally took a dive into dual core laptops with the HP pavillion dv6707, came with Vista Premium, 2gb ddr2 5300 ram, 120 gb hdd, 15.4" display, built in webcam.... sweet piece of hardware, especially after my Compaq Celeron debachle.

My darling girlfriend fronted me the cash for it, because I have been waffling on it for a couple of months now and she finally said fuck it, if I buy it for you, will you shut up and accept it? I, needless to say, talked it down to a loan until payday, but she was the impetus to make me finally buy this sweet lil toy. :)

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Good luck with it Joey. I am using a HP Pavillion dv6000 I got in September. So far, it's been great. I'm not a power user or serious gamer, and I got it at a decent price.
I hope it works great for ya!


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You should opted for the lay away plan.
LOL! Nah, my gal is the best. She's always doing shit like that, I'll express a passing interest in something, pass because I don't have the cash up front, and then she pulls out a wad of cash & offers to buy it for me. (She is a nail tech, gets paid a lot in cash. Always has a stash of bux around.)


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Good deal man. Sounds like you got a good girlfriend for her to do that for ya... or one that was just tired of hearing you complain about needing a new computer. =]


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Great computer! I've had my dv6707 for a couple months or so and I absolutely love it. I've always had HP's and rarely ever have problems. This is probably the best one I've bought out of the bunch.

I've had two minor issues, which I blame solely on Vista. Sometimes, the webcam won't work in HP Webcam and the scrolling pad doesn't scroll on occasions. I've been told to re-install the drivers and update them due to compatibility issues with Vista. So far, so good.

All in all though, it suits my needs and it was a great deal. I caught a deal at bensbargains for $400 off right before Christmas, so the laptop priced out at $1,250 before the coupon, I then added a wireless price was I think $987. Can't go wrong with that.


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After rebate, Office Depot had it for $579. Can't beat that.