My Week

Ah, What A "Lovely" Week.

My Life Sucks Asses That Are Sweaty And Dripping With Ass-Juice.

I Had To See My Ex-Boyfriend. I Wish I Still Had The Restraining Order Against Him. Anyhoo, He's Still Miffed About The Last Time We Were Almost Intimate And I Zapped Mr. Happy With A Taser Gun. I Joke Not. Turns Out His Little Buddy Will Be On The Sidelines For A Little While.... Trust Me, It Was Justified, Feel Free To Ask Me About It Sometime.

I Saw My Uncle Who I Haven't Seen In Years. He Disowned Me. That Was Fun, Let Me Tell You.

Then My Mother Is Getting Sick Again. I Tolerate My Mom, I'm Not Exactly One Of Her Better Kids, But It Sucks When She's Sick Like This.

My Best Friend's Daughter Finally Found Out About Her Mother. Basically That Her Mom Was Pushed Over A Cliff And Died. Fun Shit Trying To Cheer Up A Four-Year-Old About That.

I Got In Another Fight With My Best Friend About Our "Relationship"... And Then We Make Up Just To Know We're Going To Fight About It Again In A Few Days

My Computer's Being A Bitch Ass.

I Have To Prepare For A Gay Wedding... This Should Be Fun Shit.



I'm Done Bitching.

Thank You.

"Hey, nice shoes, let's bang" ~ me

"Len Got Stuck In A TrenchCoat." Kendra

"Mommy, what's a skinhead?" ~ kid at Woodbridge Mall
Im sorry to hear that. I hope things get better for you.<IMG SRC="" border=0>

Fill my cup
I'm on the nightrain!!!


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so sad things had to happen like that
crosses fingers things go better for you
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Ahh, Thanks For The Sympathy, Much Appriciated. On The Up Side ... Things Are Getting Better