My XMP3i is malfunctioning


Wackbag Elitist
Ok so it seems my XMP3i is shitting the bed, I have had nothing but problems with this thing since I bought it, keeps overheating and it keeps screwing up my playlist when im using it in mp3 mode, but i dont wanna change it since when i activated it in june i practically cursed out xm customer support for wanting to charge me 15 dollars to activate it and threatened to cancel my service if they dont wave the fee.

So the new thing its doing is after i put my mp3s on it, it just doesnt play/recognize them, i did the reset and erase option from its menu, and apparently my firmware is up to date. I think I may have erased an important file from within its folders, if anyone has an xmp3i and has a few minutes to help me out, do me a favor and list me the default files that the device has in it, and if i am in fact missing any of them, id really appreciate it if they can be emailed to me.