Naked Man Poops, Goes On Rampage Inside Florida Home

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A traveling carnival worker gave a Florida couple the fright of their lives as he climbed onto the roof of their home, tried to swipe their TV, defecated and then masturbated before he was nabbed — and all while he was nude.

The homeowners told Lee County sheriff’s deputies that just before 7 p.m. they heard noises on the roof and went outside to see what was going on. That’s when they spotted a nude Gregory Bruni, 21, from Venice on the roof, according to the News-Press.

Bruni jumped off the roof and knocked over one of the victims. He then reportedly ran inside the house and tore a 72 inch flat screen TV off a living room wall.

As the man yelled to his wife to get his gun, Bruni continued to trash the house. The sheriff’s office said the man’s wife managed to fire three shots at Bruni, but missed.

As the man went to get another gun, Bruni allegedly fell to the floor in the living room and started masturbating. He then ran into the couple’s son’s room and rubbed the boy’s clothing over his face.
LaDonna Land ran to call police while her husband grabbed his shotgun from the master bedroom. He ordered Bruni to stay down until deputies arrived.

"I don't know who the hell he is — he's naked and he's running in my damn house!" LaDonna Land said in a 911 call obtained by local media.

"Lay down, mother f---er, lay down!" Tony Land can be heard screaming in the background.
Once deputies arrived, they said, Bruni was incoherent and flailing on the ground. At one point, he spilled water from a wet/dry vacuum, sucked it up with his mouth and then spit it out, the report said.

Bruni tried to get away from the deputies several times. In the end, they had to use a Taser on him to take him into custody.

Investigators later discovered that Bruni defecated near the front door and in a hallway inside the residence.

Bruni was taken to Lee Memorial Hospital and put under observation while doctors tried to figure out what he was on.

I can't believe that anything so outlandish and disgusting could possibly- Wait, what? Florida? Oh.

What would you call a performance like this?


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I can't believe that anything so outlandish and disgusting could possibly- Wait, what? Florida? Oh.
A carnival worker in Florida, at that. Pretty much the perfect storm for this type of behavior.


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I've never really got the hang of Thursdays either. Struggled with them me whole life. Recovering from one right now.


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Mmmm must have been some good shit. Once the carnys start moving up the coast for the summer it will run up the east coast


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Hey, this is a great house...



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The arresting officers stopped to pose for this celebratory photo shortly after arresting the perp



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Hmm... didn't Sinn just move to Florida?


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Taking bets.......Bath Salts, PCP, Acid, or Meth?
Also sounds like a relative of ESD.