Name 1 animal you always wanted as a pet!!!

For me i always wanted a wolf and yes goddamit one day im gonna get one somehow someway!!! Just curious to see what other people would choose.
animal? well i always wanted the filthiest animal there is...Pamela Anderson now thats a fuckin animal and a nice rib at that.
ooh you meant like a real animal? well a wolf sounds cool but i would love a bear. you know those small bears they grow to like 3 feet tall, that would be fun. We'd drink give eachother handies we'd have a blast.
I've always wanted a ferret like the Beast Master had. I think they're illegal now. Those things rule. You get in a fight, and you just throw the ferret at your opponents face and watch him scratch away.


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i want a cheetah i loves those animals
and a siberian tiger those are my faves
Hmm besides a the wolf i want i would also like to have a pet monkey you know like those chimps or something he could drink with me.


i always wanted a tarantula. But i know if i get one NO ONE will ever visit me. Oh well, a girl's gotta have dreams. i suppose this one will be mine
Since I don't have enough property for a wolf, (Gotta love Jersey City...) howabowt an Emperor Scorpion! That'd really be a chick magnet, huh?

No, really! I think they're cool!

Just Jon

bnl, I'd visit ya even if you had a black widow...
I have always been drawn to kitties. Love to pet the kitty. But for an animal I would like to pet but couldn't, I would pick a Polar bear. They look soft and cuddly and kewl to pet. Or one of those dangerous cats like a jaguar or leopard. They would seem kewl.

By the way a friend of mine had ferrets and they are kewl to pet and play with if they are calm. And I had a tarantula. Maybe that is why I don't have any frineds. LOL. They are kewl to watch and feel awesome crawling on your skin.


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I always wanted a Panther (a 'financial' panther would be even better). Or else an Otter-those guys are some smart bastards. And I hear you can get these animals called 'dogs' that make really good pets...
I think Koala bears are cute....OK, I know that's wussy!!! But I like 'em! But I don't think I could afford buying all of that eucalyptus!!!

My boss has a 4 foot lizard..I forgot what kind...
I want a Gorilla
Then I can train him to do the dishes, floors, cook, clean, wait a min. He might kick my ass.
Lets make it a penguin instead there always well dressed and if you get hungry they taste like chicken (kidding)I have a Dalmation and a Keeshound. A cat and three kids and a wife I dont need anymore animals heh heh heh

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I always wanted an otter...I think from watching those PBS specials when I was a kid on Sea life....
Well never get a rabbit cause my friend has one and it smells like shit.

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