Nancy Grace PWNED by disgruntled producer!


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You're right, she is awful, and a pompous cunt. When she rolls her eyes at and interrupts her panel it enrages me.

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dude if thats real I want to suck elizabeths cock!


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When that turtle fell over I was rolling.


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Steve's voice- That is so real-steve's voice
When that turtle fell over I was rolling.
That was the best part. A fucking mutiny and finger pointing. She must have fucked with those people so bad that they didn't even give a shit about anyone or anything anymore.

Fuck this uptight dike bitch.
I guess it is a fake. There's a link there to Elizabeth Smart's interview with Grace. Is says Grace got owned, but I think it was more of a display into how much of a cunt she was.


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If it's fake, it's a great editing job. And she's still a cunt.


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Is it me, or do you think some Benny Hill music playing in the background for this would be even better?


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That was funny whether it was real or fake.
As soon as the animals show up, it goes fake - still kind of funny though. The animal clip with Nancy in the corner is a repeat from the beginning of the video when she first scolds Elizabeth.

Nancy Grace is a such a twat. Someone should smear duck shit on her lips.