Napster Shut Down???

Ok this blows the court ruled against Napster and they are being shut down. I cant make sense of these legal things so can someone explain this current situation are they being forced to shut down right away or is there some time still?
OK i am a friggin tool i totally missread the news on yahoo about napster. Stingray please delete this thread if you want.

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Napster is gone It's just a matter of when it will take effect, so far there is no time or date.

"It looks like a bittersweet ruling for Napster," said Wayne Chang, a Massachusetts high school student who once helped moderate Napster's bulletin boards. "The question that I want to know is whether Napster will be allowed to continue its service."

The answer, analysts and legal experts said Monday, is that the service may not survive in its current form.

full story here
Stingray i am more confused than ever now!!!LOL How much longer do we have?
As I understand it, It will be shut down after it goes to another judge who has to impose copyright restrictions.

When will that be? Nobody Knows! I do know they were shut down around august for a few days and won an appeal which got them back online temporary. temporary has been 5 months so far. It's like: Good for you, Im over here now cause you said what to who.

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Thanks Stingray. When it is shut down another one will open up. If the record industry would have any sense they would leave napster alone cause its free promotion for there groups.
First off, remove Napster. Then goto and get WinMX. You can connect to napster servers, along with other napster places too. This way when they upgrade their servers to encode mp3s, you can work around that.

Akane you dummy!!!!

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Diceman when i do this will i be able to download songs faster even though i have a 56k modem?
Nah, it's slower... It's a system hogger too. You could get Napigator and just goto the OpenNap servers (non Npaster servers) and use them.

Music City is a good place to get File Share.

Akane you dummy!!!!

Your local anime resident. :)
Cool thank im gonna have to check that out. I think friggin rooined it for everyone with napster they where reporting that hours after napster was supposed to have filtered out copyrighted songs they where still able to get copyrighted music. Fn tools why do they friggin care.
Looks good we may have a chance there is reason for hope. Im gonna have to brush up on my pig latin.