Natalie Holloway, Round Three.


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Metro News Source:
>>Holloway Investigation Reopened

(Oranjestda, Aruba) -- Aruban authorities are reopening an investigation into the disappearence of Alabama teen Natalie Holloway in light of new evidence. The alleged new evidence comes from a Dutch reporter who covered the story. Just over a month ago, prosecutors arrested three previous suspects in the case due to new evidence. The evidence was deemed insufficient, and the trio was released by an Aruban judge. Holloway was 18 when she vanished during a high school graduation trip to Aruba in May of 2005.


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Anybody who knows anything about Aruba knows what happened to this poor girl. She was fed to the sharks on the north side of the island. I said it then and stick by my story. She was killed, probably by accident, and the kids panicked and fed her to the sharks. End of story unless someone flips.


i'd still fuck her body................hey i've been married for 12 years