National Syndication Rumor


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Word has it that Infinity Broadcasting is pushing their "Hot-talk" in a few markets nationwide (nameley Dallas, LA & SF) that Stern, D&M & O&A will all be teamed up on the same station in a grouped format that will be copied on several different markets. On these stations the line-up would be Stern in the mornings, D&M taped in afternoon drive or live middays and O&A in the taped evenings. The other slot is still up in the air.

The only thing that I can think of why O&A would be in the nighttime would be because first, they are the new ones in the national spotlight (Stern & D&M already have national recognition), and second O&A also tend to skew to younger audiences then the other shows. Younger listeners listen later then eariler, so O&A could rule that timeslot.

If you think about it, this kinda seems like it is already happening.... Every market not on the east coast that has picked up the show is going to play it at night on tape.

I don't think that this will change things in NYC that O&A will be live in the afternoon, but just how they will be heard in syndication.

Has anyone else heard this??? I know that has some info on this.
Thanks for the info Greaseman it will be very interesting to see what happens.


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wow that would be very intersting
thanx greaseman
I could see stern and O&A making a great station, but Don & Mike? lets face it they are very boring.

If this rumor is true, O&A should be live or at least have the afternoon drive slot. It's a hard call considering the different time zones.

Then again, even though D&M are boring, they do have their moments.

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I agree with you Sting..D&M are boring but for some reason I find myself listening to them....i guess waiting for them to do something funny...who knows....I think R&F should be included....
I hope Ron and Fez are part of those plans there show would fit in nicely.


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I think that R&F are on the way out......... or somehting? Don't know what is going on at WNEW, but something big is going to happen...... Probably on the week of July 15th...... That is when the vacation weeks are over.
Greaseman, That sucks i think R&F are really funny and i hope they are not leaving WNEW. Is there any chance that they would be going back to there old timeslot of 11pm? Or a chance that they would do a switch with D&M and end up on the radio after O&A? Or would they end up on another station in NYC?


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Um I don't know anything about that um a Not out but a timechange once again. Ron and Fez will be around just at a different time as for D n M oops maybe noon till 3 um I never said that lol :rolleyes:
DH, so what time slot do you think R&F will get 7 to 11 or there 11pm to 3am? How do we know for sure that they are moving again? I dont get to listen to R&F anymore cause im at work when there on.


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Remember This is about how these Infinity show will be broadcast NATIONALLY........ i don't know what is going to happen in NYC. Don't know if D&M are going to be put on live or remain on tape at night. I just think that R&F are on the way out of their syndication deal. They might request to go to overnights and try to pick up stations that way, but who knows at the broke-dick station of WNEW.


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but was not ron and fez sydicated when they was on at night any remeber when o&A a came in and ask what that light was for if the go back to night the be good


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Originally posted by armymad:
<STRONG>but was not ron and fez sydicated when they was on at night any remeber when o&A a came in and ask what that light was for if the go back to night the be good</STRONG>
R&F ARE still syndicated at night, with copies of their now midday show. R&F show is still shopped around as R&, but when their show moved to middays, the format shifted away from talk about the internet to just talk. I believe that they are still heard at night on WJFK (Wash DC) at 12:00 Midnight. But if you look at their stations that the are "syndicated" to, there aren't many gems with a bunch of AM'ers in small towns.

Who knows what will happen, but at the end of D&M on Friday (I know I have no life and was home friday night), Don mentioned "big changes" to the show when they are back from vacation. There is also talk that D&M are going to be on the same station in Dallas (KYNG) as O&A. The rumors there were that two different shows were being replaced. The afternoon show and the nighttime show(Loveline). O&A just started in the nighttime slot of 9-1, so that falls into line with the origional rumor posted above.


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Remeber this whole thing is how O&A and the other infinity shows are broadcast NATIONALLY. Where some people think that D&M are boring compared to O&A, Infinity is trying to come up with the best way to shop them across the country. Plus O&A are kinda new to the whole syndication stuff, and I don't think that Infinity is going to just throw them at the wolves, but bring them along slower and gain an audience and a national following.


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breaking news i just heard ron say that they would not be there any more during 12 to 3 :D


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army, where did he say that they would be??? Just checked the R&F site, and go figure, no messages on that topic.
Ron's being cryptic about it on air
for a coupla weeks now. All I know is, I cant live thru another round of never ending NEW promos!!!!!!!!!
Maybe we'll get lucky and the Chick will be executed or something.
Well whatever it is we are sure to soon find out. I just its not where there not gonna be on period.