NBA Live 2001 PS2

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This game is phat i played this game the other night at the store. Its just like playing in the real game. Anyone else play this game too?


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I know I'm bumping an OLD thread, but I'm abiding by forum rules to rant a bit:
Anybody else try fucking NBA Live '07 for PS2? I bought it last year, and it's sucked a bag of dicks ever since! I've played EVERY version of this game since it was called "Bulls vs. Lakers" on Sega Genesis (yes, I'm that old). EA has made this game more and more frustrating every year. Since they can't make the ai more "intelligent", they just make it harder to MAKE A FUCKING SHOT. I finally got pissed enough to do what I've wanted to do a loong time.

Ladies and Gentlemen; I present the LAST copy of NBA Live I'll ever buy:

Just incase you think I'm crazy (as if this rant isn't enough), here's what somebody else posted on Youtube:

So now I'm in the market for a new basketball game. Any suggestions?
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