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NBC Set to Launch 3rd Season of Poker After Dark on New Years Eve

Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by MJMANDALAY, Dec 27, 2007.


    MJMANDALAY Registered User

    Jan 26, 2005
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    With two successful seasons of Poker After Dark in the books, NBC will continue to bring poker fans around the globe the very best in 6-handed match-ups with the airing of its 3rd season beginning late night on December 31. The hit show will again feature the top players in the game each putting up $20,000 per match and competing for a $120,000 winner-take-all prize. Returning to provide limited commentary is Ali Nejad.

    The program, designed to show how a match progresses over time by showing the majority of the hands involved, has provided not only top quality poker filled with drama and excitement, but also a lot of laughs and some eyebrow-raising behavior. Contributing to the entertainment factor is the interaction that takes place between the players, which allows viewers a better look into each of their personalities. This banter is often confrontational, but for the most part is lighthearted and filled with exchanges and anecdotes you won't find on any other program.

    The producers takes pride in introducing an interesting mix of players to the viewing audience, and the first 2 seasons saw 57 of the game's elite participate. This year 15 newcomers will make their debut, including John-Robert Bellande, Hoyt Corkins, Roland de Wolfe, Chau Giang, Mark Gregorich, Sam Grizzle, Berry Johnston, J.J. Liu, Scotty Nguyen, David Oppenheim, Erica Schoenberg, Beth Shak, Gavin Smith, and Robert Williamson III. Another notable newcomer is amateur Ken Light, who will play in the opening match of the season. Ken won his seat via a freeroll at FullTiltPoker.net and was able to choose his personal dream line-up.

    PAD3 will also debut a highly entertaining new program host named Marianela, who will bring her unique charm, wit, and personality to the show. This Argentina-born beauty is hip, creative, and as comfortable in front of a camera as any runway model. The players loved working with her, and viewers will especially enjoy how well she interacts with the players. Be sure to visit www.nbcsports.com/poker for photos and more information about the new "Poker Princess."

    Here are the new matches that will take place during Poker After Dark's 3rd season:

    Match 21: Dream Table (Week of December 31)

    Seat 1: Daniel Negreanu

    Seat 2: Phil Hellmuth

    Seat 3: Jennifer Harman

    Seat 4: Mike Matusow

    Seat 5: Scotty Nguyen

    Seat 6: Ken Light

    Match 22: 19th Hole (Week of January 7)

    Seat 1: Gavin Smith

    Seat 2: David Oppenheim

    Seat 3: Erick Lindgren

    Seat 4: Phil Ivey

    Seat 5: Doyle Brunson

    Seat 6: Daniel Negreanu

    Match 23: Hecklers (Week of January 14)

    Seat 1: Gavin Smith

    Seat 2: Sam Grizzle

    Seat 3: John-Robert Bellande

    Seat 4: Mike Matusow

    Seat 5: Shawn Sheikhan

    Seat 6: Phil Hellmuth

    Match 24: World Champions (Week of February 11)

    Seat 1: Chris Ferguson (2000)

    Seat 2: Johnny Chan (1987, 1988)

    Seat 3: Berry Johnston (1986)

    Seat 4: Jamie Gold (2006)

    Seat 5: Phil Hellmuth (1989)

    Seat 6: Huck Seed (1996)

    Match 25: Cowboys (Week of February 18)

    Seat 1: Doyle Brunson

    Seat 2: Chris Ferguson

    Seat 3: Chau Giang

    Seat 4: Andy Bloch

    Seat 5: Hoyt Corkins

    Seat 6: Gabe Kaplan

    Match 26: International (Week of February 25)

    Seat 1: Patrik Antonius (Finland)

    Seat 2: Johnny Chan (China)

    Seat 3: Roland de Wolfe (England)

    Seat 4: Daniel Negreanu (Canada)

    Seat 5: Gus Hansen (Denmark)

    Seat 6: John Juanda (Indonesia)

    Match 27: Jam Up (Week of March 24)

    Seat 1: David Williams

    Seat 2: Howard Lederer

    Seat 3: Mike Matusow

    Seat 4: Barry Greenstein

    Seat 5: Antonio Esfandiari

    Seat 6: Eli Elezra

    Match 28: Gus and the Ladies (Week of March 31)

    Seat 1: Gus Hansen

    Seat 2: Vanessa Rousso

    Seat 3: J.J. Liu

    Seat 4: Clonie Gowen

    Seat 5: Beth Shak

    Seat 6: Erica Schoenberg

    Match 29: Love at First Raise (Week of May 12)

    Seat 1: Jennifer Harman

    Seat 2: David Benyamine

    Seat 3: Jennifer Tilly

    Seat 4: Marco Traniello

    Seat 5: Erica Schoenberg

    Seat 6: Phil Laak

    Match 30: Commentators (Week of May 19)

    Seat 1: Mark Gregorich

    Seat 2: Chad Brown

    Seat 3: Ali Nejad

    Seat 4: Robert Williamson III

    Seat 5: Phil Gordon

    Seat 6: Howard Lederer

    So will any of the players go on mega-tilt this season? Count on it. Will there be more feisty verbal exchanges? Of course. Will there be any surprise winners? You betcha. Will Phil Hellmuth finally win a match? Well, you'll just have to tune in to find out. But what better way is there for a poker fan to usher in the New Year?
  2. flyerfan116

    flyerfan116 Fuckin savages

    Apr 14, 2005
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    Looks pretty cool..but how do you have a "Dream Table" and not take the opportunity to play Johnny Chan and Doyle Brunson? If it were me the table would be:
    1 Me
    2 Doyle Brunson
    3 Johnny Chan
    4 Chris Ferguson
    5 Daniel Negreanu
    6 Phil Helmuth...just for entertainment value
  3. SOS

    Wackbag Staff

    Aug 14, 2000
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    So does this mean Shana Hiatt isn't returning?
  4. Pigdango

    Pigdango Silence, you mortal Fuck!

    Jun 22, 2004
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    Commentator match blows. Why not get the guys from WPT and WSOP?
  5. SOS

    Wackbag Staff

    Aug 14, 2000
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    Week 21's results:
    1st Phil Hellmuth -He finally won!
    2nd Jennifer Harman &Ken Light -both went all in the same pot
    4th Scotty Nguyen - coin flips were not in his favor
    5th Daniel Negreanu -was on top for most of the match and got too cocky
    6th Mike Matusow - did not find his stride

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