Need a ride to PNC ?

being that i decided to break up with my girlfriend, i went and bought 1 singular PNC ticket.

ahhhh freedom.

well that means i have room in the truck, and i don't drink. 2 people will fit comfortably from LI, with a cooler, and can get fucked up as long as they have a nice slurpee cup.

so two of you raging alcoholics can ride with me, and get silly with it.

send a pm if your interested.

the only thing i ask is that if you ride, and get fucked up, one pays for tolls, and one pays for parking.


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You don't have to pay for parking unless you want to park up in VIP. I'm pretty sure the majority of the lots are still free.


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Yup, lots are still free (except for Ozzfest, which was $25 per car). Also, as HT said, VIP parking is something like $30.

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You don't need to pay for tolls either, just go through the purple lanes and stick your middle finger out the window.