Need help with audio formats

Well, I solved the flash file problem and ran into another. With audio files. I'd like to put a few sound files on my website, from the album that I own. :) They're in .cda format. For the life of me I couldn't find the URL for the Windows Media Player plugin page. My flash file has the plugin link, so I figured I need to put a WMP plugin on the sounds page as well. Am I right? :confused: Right now I'm trying to embed a sound file so it would play in the background. No luck so far, but I'm not ready to give up.

As far as the sound files. You know how you click on it and listen? That's what I'm trying to do. So if someone out there has experience with this stuff, please help me out here. I'd really appreciate it. ;) I've mastered AceHTML, completely revamped the Dice page and decided to add some sounds to it... Turned out I have no clue how. lol I probably need to convert them from .cda format to something like .wav or whatever. What about MP3s, I have a couple I'd like to play in the background... S.O.S.!

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Hey SOS, thanks for the links. They are indeed helpful. WAV files take up a lot more space than MP3s so I have to decide which format I'm going to use. Would you -- or anyone here -- know where do I get plugin page URL to include with the sound file? I figured out how to have the sound file play in the background. How do I make it downloadable? or should I say, listenable. Any/all advice is extremely appreciated. :)


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"Borrow" code from a webpage that plays songs in the background w/o flash.
I probably sound like a complete moron, but how do I borrow a code? I know how to have a short .wav file play in the bg. Like on

Since .wav files take up too much memory, I converted a few tracks to MP3 format. But I need a real audio plugin. I want them to be like clickable links. When you click them, Real Player opens. Like on this site:


Click on any of Dice's albums and you'll see what I mean. Of course the files that I'll have on my site can't be found any place else. ;) Thanks for your help, SOS. Appreciated.

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I was chatting with someone online who apparently knows more about this stuff. He says that RadioTrip page appears to be using both RealServer and Adobe GoLive. I wouldn't need the GoLive program since I have RealProducer. I don't mind typing in the code myself. I can convert all the files to .ram format no problem. However, I need the license key file for the RealServer 7.0 that's what I'm trying to find right now. Thanks. :)